How To Fix Yahoo Mail Server Temporarily Unavailable Error?

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Server Temporarily Unavailable Error?

Yahoo Mail comes with great features to improve user experience. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets stuck in a server problem. Sometimes you see an error message on your screen, “server temporarily unavailable” because you can’t use it to send or receive emails. In this guide, we will discuss some of the temporary errors of the Yahoo Mail server and the resolution. Follow them through a strong network connection.

Yahoo Mail 14 Error

The Yahoo Mail 14 error often occurs when users try to enter the Yahoo Mail inbox. Key 14 code goes through the Windows program screen with “Sorry” information, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error.

The cause

  • Too many cookies and browser cache could limit users’ access to Yahoo Mail account services.
  • Login username and invalid Mail account password
  • Yahoo Mail support features in the current browser.



  • Sign out of the Yahoo Mail account
  • Now, close the operating system
  • Configure Yahoo email account settings with current browser
  • Clear all cookies and caches in the browser
  • Restart the browser, then log in to the mail account with the correct account details
  • Forwarding a test email to confirm this error
  • Perform a full scan of the virus on the system
  • Now, upgrade the OS, browser, and settings of the Yahoo app

15 Mail Error Code

The Yahoo 15 email error is usually caused by a configured program folder that creates an error within the app. Windows Error can cause system lock, PC performance, crash, PC crash and more.

The cause

Registry problems often occur when new programs are installed over the old ones without the old programs being completely uninstalled. It can generate bulk registration and error details. Another potential error in these messages is malicious software such as spyware, adware, and malware.


  1. Download and install RegCure Pro
  • Finish downloading and installing the program by tapping “Run” or “Yes.”
  • After RegCure Pro is turned on immediately, click on the “System Scan” tab.
  • When the scan is complete, select “Repair all”, and the user has finished.

2.Verify when drivers are in sequence

  • The driver is software that determines program software and hardware integration with each other. Updating device drivers is accessible. You will need to visit the program website and look at the computer model.
  • When the user finds it, look for the latest device drivers.
  • Download them all and install them individually, and restart when asked. Users can also use third-party software.

3.  Cache cleaning

  • Sign in to a Yahoo email account from the system, mobile phone and other devices
  • Here, the user needs to check whether they use a supported operating system and a web browser.
  • Clear all cache and history in the browser
  • Close the browser and restart

Temporary Error 19 and 999

This Yahoo mail server error often occurs when a user shares a standard network connection with other users. The browser cannot accept cookies from Yahoo Mail.

The cause

Spyware or virus on a computer that informs system settings

by using third-party applications or software to access Yahoo Mail.


  • Cookies are small data stored in your system that allows quick access to items. For example, if you can’t sign in to Yahoo, check that your browser is set to accept cookies.
  • Enable cookies in Firefox and tap the menu button, and select options
  • Get a privacy and security column then, visit the history.
  • In the drop-down section that corresponds to Firefox, select the settings for making history option
  • Ultimately, and efficiently scan the PC to detect viruses and other malware.

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