Why is Yahoo Mail Not Working?

Is yahoo mail not working? If you are a yahoo mail user and face the yahoo mail not working issue and see some suspicious activities, here are some of the troubleshooting points for you.

Why Yahoo Mail Not Working?

Before moving ahead, look at some of the causes of why yahoo mail is not working.

Ad Blocker: If you are using adblocker, it is recommended to remove adblocker if yahoo mail is not working. Many times ad blockers do not allow the website to load correctly.

Extensions: Extensions are another cause of yahoo mail not working on chrome and internet explorer. Make sure to disable the extensions which are not required.

Internet Browser: Make sure to check your internet browser if it is compatible with yahoo mail. Try clearing browser cache and cookies of your browser and reload the yahoo mail page.

Device: Yahoo mail not working can arise if you are trying to sign in to a new appliance. You will be asked to verify your account. If you cannot verify your yahoo mail account, a yahoo mail not working issue can occur.

Unable to send emails: If you cannot send mail, it is recommended to check the mail address in which you are sending mail.

Server Issue: Server issues are also the cause of “why is yahoo mail not working.” In this case, wait for some time and then try using yahoo mail.

Suspicious Activities: Yahoo provides high security for its users. If yahoo finds some suspicious activity on your yahoo mail, it will stop all the services provided to the user, and yahoo mail will not work. In this case, the user needs to verify their yahoo account.

Internet Issue: Check your device is connected to the internet. Without a proper internet connection, yahoo mail not working issue 

will occur.

Antivirus: Try disabling your antivirus, if any. Antivirus may stop the yahoo mail from working, or it may not allow the browser to work correctly.

How to Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue?

Here are some of the steps you need to follow if yahoo mail is not working.

Restart your device: Many background applications and software run in the background, which may stop yahoo mail. Restart your computer system or laptop. In the case of yahoo mail not working on the iPhone or Android, follow the same procedure.

Change browser:  Change your browser if the problem is still precise. 

Internet connectivity: Poor internet connection can lead to why is yahoo mail not working issue. High-quality internet speed is needed for accessing yahoo mail.

Check your credentials: Check if you are entering the correct email and password at the time of sign in. Entering the wrong credentials will not allow you to access yahoo mail.

Even after following the steps, if you cannot access the account, you can contact yahoo. You can chat with a live technician who will help you with the issue.

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