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My yahoo account gets locked, and how to unlock my yahoo account? Many of the yahoo users have the same query and cannot log in to their yahoo account. In this article, learn how to log in to your locked yahoo account. 

Why My Yahoo Account is Locked?

Here are the possible reasons for the yahoo account gets locked.

Suspicious Activity: Due to suspicious activity, yahoo blocks the sign-in of users. Attempting many sign-in attempts can lock you out of the yahoo account. If someone tries to log in to your yahoo account, then due to security reasons, yahoo blocks the sign-in of your yahoo account.

Forget Password: If you have forgotten the password, you will be locked out of the yahoo account. In case of a forgotten password, users need to reset the password. To reset the password, you can read this article on ” How to recover yahoo account.”

Sending Mails at Large number: Sending emails at a large number at a time is considered spam by yahoo. Spammers can use your mail id to send emails, so yahoo locks the account and see this activity as suspicious.

Different Location & Device: If other locations and devices are used for logging in to the yahoo account, then the yahoo account gets locked. After authorizing the user, the yahoo account is accessed.

Cache and Cookies: If the yahoo account gets locked, users can clear the cache and cookies from their browser. Cache and cookies act as a mirror to all the activities you perform on your browser. Cache and cookies stored for a long time act as a barrier.

Browser: The browser can also get the user locked out of the yahoo account. Check if you are using the updated version of the browser. 

Antivirus: If antivirus sees any virus or any other harmful elements on your computer system or in yahoo mail, it will stop the user from logging in to yahoo mail as the virus can enter the computer system. Try disabling the antivirus and then check for the yahoo mail.

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