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Wikiken is an online publication that provides information and news about the financial market. Alongside news, commentary and other information about the stock market, financial blogs offer analyses basing their analysis on fundamental principles and techniques. 

The format of these blogs tends to be more casual than formal writing and usually reflects the writers’ personal views.

Understanding Financial Blogs

Financial blogs are now an ideal way for investors to share their opinions on the most recent developments in the financial world. They are not just developed by significant financial sites but also by individual investors.

Since everyone can blog without limitations on the information they post, investors must be aware of when they review. While trusted websites are trustworthy for their content, blog posts written by non-professionals are more prone to manipulation. Also, Unethical investors can use blogs for advertising stocks in a manner that can benefit their investments. You can also send articles on the following topics. They are TechnologyMoneyvestTrendslifestylebankingfinance, cryptocurrency, etc.

 Investors who read blogs must be aware that these websites exist and ensure that the website they read complies with a disclosure policy before making any decision.

Day to Day Finance permits informative posts on various subjects, including but not restricted to personal finances such as managing money, investing plans for retirement and estates, tax preparation and credit and debt, mortgages, real estate and thrifty living. If you have any other questions in connection with the core concept of the website, feel at ease to share that.

Guidelines for guest posts:

  • Your articles should be well-written, original, and original. They should not have previously been published.
  • Only articles with a theme that provide helpful information or suggestions will be considered.
  • Before writing, read the blog posts, so you do not create a report on a subject already covered on this site.
  • Posts must be written in fluent and clear English. Make sure you spell-check and proofread before posting the letter.
  • Be innovative and be helpful.
  • The Word count should be at least 800 words.
  • Please give a brief bio and introduce yourself to our visitors.
  • It is possible to include a pertinent hyperlink within your biography.
  • Include a similar image of 800 x 300 pixels with your story
  • Make sure to share your post on your social media accounts once it’s published.
  • You can send your article to guestpost.wikiken@gmail.com

Where can I find guest posts on finance websites?

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Search Terms for Finance Write for Us

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Guidelines of the Article – Finance Write for Us

Please select the topic before pitching for an article. Please read our blog to develop innovative content ideas that bring value to our readers.

We will accept articles that are well researched, informative, original and free of grammar errors, and should be easy to read. We ask all contributors to ensure that the article’s content will be well-studied, informative and original, as well as grammatically free of errors.

  • Word Limits: We accept articles that have a minimum of 800 words.
  • Exclusive content. We release only plagiarism-free content.
  • Formatting: Ensure that the structure is maintained for the article using header tags like H1, H2, and H3…
  • Links: We restrict one (or) two links per article.
  • Images: Images with Copyrights Size should be 1200×628 pixels to make sense.
  • Please do not send us the content or article that has been published elsewhere. You can verify the duplicate content using an application before submitting your article.
  • Do not send articles that contain adult content and other harmful areas.

The main topics on which we would like to read your content are:

Managing Personal Finance

Business Finance

Finance Planning and Analyzing


Emergency Fund


Investment Ideas

Investment Tips


Types of Loans

Debit and Credit Cards

Mutual Funds


Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Tokens

Income Tax


Insurance Management


We are searching for writers with the ability to write about cryptocurrency and blogs that cover the most current technology. If you’re able to write without grammatical errors and we’ll give you the chance to will be able to earn a substantial amount.

We hope that you know what we expect in your material. Our company accepts content that is informative regarding technology and cryptocurrency. You may also submit your Bitcoin posts and send us your post.

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