Why You Should Study In Australia

Why study in Australia?

In recent years, studying in Australia has been widely sought after. In addition to its unique geographical advantages and fresh and romantic humanistic feelings, studying in Australia has some outstanding benefits. What are these advantages? Let’s take a look today.

Higher education level

Australian universities have a very high international reputation for education and training. Australia has 22 universities ranked TOP 500 in the world. Australia’s education system, the quality of education is maintained at a higher average level with the management of the government. Countries worldwide also recognize the degrees awarded, which is the crucial reason why so many students choose to study in Australia.

Loose immigration policy

Due to its vast area and population, Australia welcomes immigrants and has a very loose immigration policy. It mainly includes students studying in Australia to apply for immigration after graduation, and Australian international students can directly apply for independent skilled immigration after graduation as long as they meet the requirements of skilled Australian immigration. International students who graduated from Australian universities can obtain a permanent residence visa (PR). They do not have to worry about being rejected because of race, nationality and other factors when immigrating to Australia.

Blue sky, beautiful environment

Australia is a beautiful country with unique coastal scenery and a comfortable climate. There are nearly 300 sunny days a year. Society is stable, and the crime rate is meagre, which provides countless conveniences and guarantees for students’ study and life. It is a vibrant and one of the most habitable countries globally.

Sound welfare system

Australia is both a high-income country and a high-welfare country. The various allowances included in Australia’s social welfare system cover almost all the benefits of every resident’s life. Because of such a sound welfare policy, international students also enjoy annual overseas health insurance of about 300 Australian dollars when they study abroad, referred to as the OSHC insurance program. If you successfully obtain a PR visa after graduation, you can get the same benefits as Aussie.

Lower tuition fees

Although Australia’s education follows the traditional teaching of the United Kingdom, unlike the United Kingdom, the cost of studying abroad and living in Australia is relatively low, and students can legally work 20 hours a week (weekends and holidays can work full time), the average hourly income is 10-15 Australian dollars.

As we can see, Australia has its unique advantages, and by these advantages, it has attracted more and more international students, making it an ideal study destination for many students. Compared with established study abroad countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia has lower fees and looser immigration policies, so Australia is an excellent choice for some students under financial pressure or who want to immigrate overseas.

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