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Total Wireless has a variety of unlocked phones that integrate well with MVNO. Those Total Wireless phone users who are happy with their mobile phone company but who are willing to switch to another service can always turn on their phones. However, some policies need to be followed, which vary depending on the mobile phone company.

How Do You Know If My Wireless Phone Is Unlocked?

Several factors have made it difficult for users to detect whether they are using locked or unlocked phones. To make it easier, we’ve written some ways to check if your Total Wireless Device is turned on.

Here is:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Flip your phone and delete your current network SIM.
  • Insert another SIM card of your wish or optional to check.
  • Change your phone. You will see the name of the new SIM card carrier at the top of your screen.
  • Dial any number with your current SIM
  • If the phone is ringing, then you would not see that your phone is turned on. However, if your phone does not work, it means that your phone is locked to the newly installed manager.

Here are the essential points for unlocking Total Wireless phones that we will learn more about.

Complete Wireless Unlock Policy:

Those customers who own Total Wireless Handsets under the appropriate unlocking procedures are always free to use another network company such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and so on with their unlocked phones.

However, to make your wireless phone unlocked, Total Wireless operators offer their customers the unlock codes they request most. Although they need to reflect on some of the policy points to unlock their phones.

Here is:

Application to open handset:

Total Wireless customers are required to request the opening of the handset. The company concerned will unlock the current and future mobile phones of Total Wireless customers at no charge. However, non-first customers will be charged by Total Wireless for the fee paid for requesting the handset opening.

System activation:

The customer must have been with Total Wireless Service for more than 12 months with the Service Plans on their handset. In addition, those Service Plans must be redeemed within a year.

Free From Any Fraud Activity:

Here is a very important policy that those Total Wireless handsets that will be unlocked should not be associated with any fraudulent activity. Stolen or reported devices do not have this opportunity to unlock.

Pros: Benefits of Military Personnel:

A customer who is in a good position to request a handset to open the handset, and who is part of the military personnel, is 90% more likely that Total Wireless would honor the customer’s opening request. However, the process will be done after the delivery of the delivery documents.


Customers sometimes wish to change network carriers which is why they make good use of the process of unlocking their company’s locked phone. 

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