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How To Unlink Yahoo Linked Account From Facebook

Facebook users with a Yahoo account can link two accounts using the Yahoo Facebook app to share news and content quickly and easily. For example, if you want to share Yahoo Updates with a Facebook account, you can link your Yahoo accounts with Facebook. Yahoo allows you to link two accounts easily, and the content you share from Yahoo and Facebook must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Facebook.

Similarly, if you import content from Facebook to Yahoo at that time, the content remains in terms of the service of Yahoo. You can unlink your Yahoo Account linked to Facebook if you do not want to share content between the two accounts. We will discuss both procedures for adding and deleting accounts for better clarity.

To add a Yahoo email address.

  • First, click the drag icon at the top right of Facebook
  • Select Settings and Privacy and then click on Settings
  • Click on Contact from the General tab
  • After that, click on another email or mobile number and enter the email and click Enter.
  • You may be told to re-enter your Facebook password, enter the password, and click Send and click Close.
  • If you enter the email address in the account then, you will receive a confirmation email at your new email address.
  • Click on the link from the email to confirm that you want this email to be added to your Facebook account.

If the Email Link Is Not Active

  • First, copy the verification code sent to your email
  • In the Contact section of the settings, click Confirm
  • Enter your code and click OK

Deleting a Yahoo Email Address From Facebook

  • First, click the drop-down icon from the top right of Facebook
  • Now, select Settings and Privacy and after that, click on Settings
  • Click the Contact in the General tab and then click Delete that appears next to the email you want to delete
  • If you click Delete from the wrong email next and click Undo save to save the email, and after that, click Save Changes

Now, you have successfully disconnected your Yahoo account from Facebook, and this is the only way to disconnect the Facebook account linked to Facebook.

Facebook Accounts

Connecting a Facebook account from Yahoo reduces the login attempt that the user must follow to access both accounts. When your Facebook account is connected to a Yahoo account, every time you sign in to Yahoo, you will log in to Facebook at the same time. It can also help to track multiple online accounts without remembering password information. Once your accounts are connected and logged into Yahoo Mail, you can open Facebook in different browser windows, and you can access other information directly through the Yahoo Account.

Email account

Linking a Facebook and Yahoo account allows you to sync the contact details of your contacts to Yahoo and Facebook. When connecting your accounts, you can select Facebook from the “Import Contacts” page. Next, you should follow the steps for importing the email contact details found on the Facebook friends pages from the contacts list in the Yahoo email. Finally, Yahoo removes duplicate email contact details to keep Yahoo contacts from being confused by unnecessary details.

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