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Best types of wall paint to beautify your walls


The walls of your home deserve to be coated with the best types of paints. Before you buy paints for your walls, having a good understanding of different paints, finishes, and colors in the market will help you to select the best paints available in the market. You must select the right paints for the walls as the appearance of the walls has a great impact on the overall ambiance of any space. If you are wondering what are the different types of paints best for your walls, then you have landed in the right place, let’s know what these types are! 


  1. Acrylic emulsion paint- This is a type of water-based paint that is commonly used for wall painting design. Some of the best qualities of this paint are that it is durable, resistant to fungi and algae, available in numerous finishes and colors, etc. One of the best things about this paint is that the agents present in it don’t let the wall colors fade away due to the presence of sunlight. Added to that, the application of this paint is a simple process and this type of paint dries up quickly but acrylic emulsion paints require a coat of primer before its application. 


2. Plastic-based paints-Known for their smooth texture and outstanding qualities, plastic paints are taking over the markets. Polymer-based plastic paints have some of the best qualities that are best for your walls. Some of the exciting qualities of this paint include simplicity of application and maintenance as it can be dried and washed easily after the application on walls, is easy to transport due to its lightweight, etc. Plastic paints that come with a solar reflector help you to maintain cool temperatures at home. This type of paint is economical, durable, and affordable which makes it a perfect choice for your home.


3. Enamel paint- Generally, enamel paint is used for the exteriors of any space as these are solvent based Compared to other paints, this type of paint takes a little longer to dry. Having a glossy finish on the walls enamel paints are long-lasting. These paints are also known as oil-based paints. However, before going for enamel paint you must know that these are used for spaces that have high moisture and humidity. These paints have a strong odor that should be considered before applying them to the walls.


4. Textured paint- Best used for creating accent walls, textured paints have a special effect on the wall that adds a dramatic vibe to the interiors of any space. This type of paint creates the look of marble, wood, stone, etc. on the wall without using these materials which saves you a lot of costs. Special techniques are used for the application of textured paints such as brushing, stippling, sponging, stenciling, dragging, etc. This paint is thick in intensity and hides all the imperfections on the walls. Before buying them, you need to consider that this type of paint is costlier than other types and its application needs an expert.


5. Metallic paint- This is another type of paint that is water-based. This paint consists of minute granules of various metals, just like textured paints, metallic paints are also extensively used to create accent walls. Metallic paints make a space look luxurious as it has a bold metallic finish on the walls. However, one point of consideration before buying metallic paints is that metallic paints are expensive. Therefore, you need to use metallic paints carefully as wasting even a bit can make you at loss. For accurate calculation of the quantity of paint required you can use a tool called paint calculator that is easily available online. 

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