How to fix the TurboTax Runtime Error 1603

Causes of TurboTax 1603 error

In general, TurboTax operating time errors are often caused by compliance issues. While TurboTax is compatible with both Windows and iOS applications, it is possible that another application or software does not allow TurboTax to work properly.

Another possible cause of this type of runtime error is that the Windows file and folder permissions required to run TurboTax may be corrupted along with the Registry Registry key permissions. There can also be a combination of various factors that have led to the failure of working time. In any case, you can try the solutions mentioned below to fix the TurboTax error.

Ways to Correct TurboTax 1603 Error

Solution 1: Get out of conflicting programs

This solution identifies the most common causes of operating time error for TurboTax 1603. Problems with non-compliance with third-party systems and applications. Follow the steps given below to complete these programs for TurboTax to work properly:

  • Launch the task manager to see which programs are being used
  • Select the programs that you think might cause the error
  • Click the ‘End Process’ option to close the programs
  • Open TurboTax to check if issues are resolved
  • If not, update or reinstall the error program

Solution 2: Install Runtime Libraries

The TurboTax 1603 error is a type of system error. If the first solution does not work, it is probably because the system update was not installed properly. You can follow the steps given below to reinstall the MS Visual C ++ package and try to fix the operating time error in TurboTax:

  • Open the Program and Features menu on your system
  • Search for Microsoft Visual C ++ Distribution Package
  • Uninstall MSVC software and restart your computer
  • Visit the official Microsoft website and download the latest version of the MS Visual C ++ package


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