Troubleshooting Sync in FTM 2017 and FTM 2019

How did I solve the problems by syncing in FTM 2017 and FTM 2019?

Note: When Ancestry encounters a large traffic volume, synchronization may be slow or met with errors. If you are having difficulty viewing or accessing your tree online, chances are you will have difficulty re-syncing your trees. Thank you for your patience if you have encountered this problem; please try again later as most website spikes are temporary.

The suggestions below are intended to help you solve a problem that you are already experiencing with FamilySync. However, regular prevention is better than cure. 

This article addresses the following:

Internet Related Issues

Restart Family Tree Maker or your computer

Problem syncing FTM tree in Ancestry

Troubleshooting Other Software

Problems of Sync Media

Restore your latest backup

Download your medicine again

Can You Still Sync?

Internet Related Issues

Due to the variability of connection speed, stability and absolute reliability from various Internet service providers, you may encounter sync error when there is nothing wrong with your system or file. In such cases, we recommend waiting and trying again in a few hours or the next day. Dial connections will be slower, satellite connections may vary greatly in speed, and cable connections may be reduced during operating hours, usually in the evening.

If you are connected to wireless internet, make sure you have good signal strength and sync again. You may also want to connect your computer directly to your modem, whether your router connection is wireless or wireless. This troubleshooting step informs you that the sync problem is due to your router or wireless connection setting. If you can successfully sync your tree when connected directly to your modem, you may want to call your router maker to help you change its settings to allow Family Tree Maker to access it properly.

Many computer settings can interfere with tree sync if not properly set. 


Restart Family Tree Maker or your computer

If you can’t sync your tree, get messages about sync failures, or get too many sync errors, it can help shut down and restart Family Tree Maker or restart your computer before trying to sync again. Please note that this should not be done while syncing is in progress.

Problem syncing FTM tree in Ancestry

If you can sync information down to Family Tree Maker but not go back to Ancestry, or if you cannot upload and link your tree within Family Tree Maker, your file may need to be edited. 

To make sure your file is a problem, you can create a new test tree and try to sync that. If your test solution syncs without problem, proceed with the steps to fix the file at the end of the instructions in the link above.


Troubleshooting Other Software

Some programs (antivirus, firewall, and security software, although some may play) may interfere with tree sync. Due to the simultaneous upload and download of syncing process, it may seem like a bad thing even though it is completely safe and will not harm your system. You may want to contact your antivirus maker, firewall, and security software for assistance in adding Family Tree Maker as an alternative.

To ensure that nothing outside the Family Tree Maker is causing your problem, you can start your computer in Clean Boot (for Windows users) or Safe Mode (for Mac users). 

  • How to Make a Clean Boot for Windows
  • How to Get Started in Safe Mode for Mac

Once your computer has started in Clean Boot or Safe Mode, please open Family Tree Maker and try syncing your tree. If sync was successful, that means another program on your computer was causing the sync problem.

If you cannot sync your tree in Clean Boot or Safe Mode, please check that your firewall, antivirus, and security software have been turned off. You may need to manually uninstall and re-install Family Tree Maker (all from within the Start Boot or Safe Mode startup) before trying to reconnect and sync your tree.

Problems of Sync Media

Media (news, photos, etc.) In your file, sync differently for most of your drug data (names, dates, notes, etc.). Even if you no longer see the Media Processing status bar at the top of Family Tree Maker, your media may still sync. Plus, if you have more media in your tree, it will take longer to complete the sync.

If you have a bad media file (usually PDF, but any bad media can cause this problem), it may interfere with syncing. You will need to navigate the Media workspace to the Family Tree Maker and scan each file to see which one caused the problem. Deleting files (e) in your media collection should fix the problem, and you will be able to sync your tree again.

Restore your latest backup

If you are always having trouble syncing your tree, one option is to restore the latest full backup you made. We strongly recommend it as a good general practice that keeps full backups of your family medicine. Click on these links to learn more about backing up and restoring your tree.


Download your tree again

If you do not have the latest backup of your tree, another option is to retrieve your ancestral tree as a new tree from Family Tree Maker. You will follow the same steps as if you were syncing your tree for the first time – click here for instructions.

Note: You may find yourself in a situation where there is information on your FTM tree that is not compatible with Ancestry, but you must also download your Ancestry tree as a new FTM tree to solve the problem by synchronizing. In this case, you can combine duplicate trees with adding details to your FTM tree already in your already synced tree.

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