10 Tips To Be A Super Sexy Wife!

10 Tips To Be A Super Sexy Wife!

I want to start this by saying that marriage is not a license for freedom! It’s crazy how many people take this idea for granted, though. Also, some people even refer to it as a benefit!?!?! If so, marriage should motivate you to be your best version. It should keep you striving to do the best you can. It should make you want to keep all those feelings in the first place! Let me tell you that relief is not the answer! Now, when I say free I am referring to “letting go” or “you don’t have to work to be with your partner and open up”. I also want to say that this goes hand in hand with men, and I have an article coming up just discussing that, so be sure to check it out, and have your man read it! What is the primary reason why people get divorced? I’ll save you a Google search… because they got bored! Why did they become bored? Because love goes for all kinds of reasons, like children, debt, overwork, and many others. You have to understand that this can happen in your relationship, if it hasn’t already happened, and fight it like it was World War 3! Check out these tips to be the best wife ever!

Mother Pajamas! 

 You know what I’m talking about… that loose, unattractive, full coverage, pajama set you like to wear. It’s like wearing a T-shirt and pajama pants! Don’t go out. I understand you can have kids and you can’t walk around the house in a “teddy” all the time, but try a tank-sized tank and a pair of Soffe shorts. When emphasizing pants, try a Yoga paint that reveals your “assets”. Yes, you want to be comfortable, but you can find a combination of comfort and sexy. When we talk about it, those granny pants should only be worn at a certain time of the month. This is not just about your husband and, you will find it hard to feel romantic if you do not feel like you look sexy. Got it?

Get a Fire Kiss

Yes, this product is perfect for more than just your private parts! Ask your husband to gently massage your erogenous zones, then lick him lightly and pat him on the areas where he has poured. You will find that the feeling in those places has grown too much! Do not forget to return the favor. Oh, you will thank me for this later!

Send Her a Happy Text

Whether you’re free to post something in sexually explicit language or feel free to post a full selfie, just post it! This will make your person, and you in response, feel wanted and reassured to start a fun conversation that will increase both your libido throughout the day.

Talk Dirty Tricky Girl! 

So, even if you are already engaging in a little dirty talk or you are often quite like a graveyard in the middle of the night, raise it. Go slowly, and don’t worry about how it sounds. You are a naked woman who has sex with you… NOTHING to say will sound silly to her!

Try Something New

You don’t need to be completely insane here, but the point is to bring something to your unfamiliar sexual escapade there. Whether that adds music to your love sesh or brings a new toy, just surprise. This is a surefire way to break the ice and keep things fresh!

Know His Turn and Stay Away From Them

 Are you sure you know what she doesn’t like? Well, no doubt you’ve got the things he wants, but most importantly you know the things he doesn’t want, and this can be tricky because most men don’t go ahead with their change. After all, you don’t know you want to hurt your feelings. To assure him that he will not cause you any distress, and ask him! This is a good opportunity to let her know what you like and dislike and this will lead to a satisfying relationship!

Have sex just to have sex! It’s great to light candles, turn on the music, spend an hour on the preview, and have an amazing time making love, but sometimes you just need to “throw it down”! So, instead of going through anything normal you do, just try to grab her, bring her into the room (or the kitchen, the car, the shower, whatever), and Fornicate Under Command of the King! These types of hay romps will no doubt be the ones he thinks about when he thinks about sex with you!

Do Something Slightly Scary

 It is proven that fear stimulates the production of Dopamine in your brain, which can lead to very high libido! On your next night out, try to do something a little scary, like watching a horror movie, going to a nesting house, riding a scary roller coaster you can find, etc. You both will be ready to fight and not let go at the end of the night… guaranteed!

Be Zealous! 

In my humble opinion, this is the most important factor in all areas of sexual relationships! Enthusiasm is what shows a REAL interest and what makes your partner feel needed and desired. There is no greater opening than feeling wanted, and there is no greater disappointment than feeling unwanted. If you do not do any of the above, this is a tip that can make a big difference in your sexual relationship and your husband’s attitude toward you. The best thing is that you don’t even have to change the things you do, just do it with more enthusiasm! If you try this and it doesn’t work, I’ll put my bad foot in my mouth! Show him that you want to be with him and that you want to be with him. I guarantee good results!

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