Thunderbird Email Problem Windows 10

Thunderbird Email Problem Windows 10

Email Thunderbird is a new way to send and receive emails and get complete security while processing emails. Now, if you use Windows 10 for Thunderbird email, you may find some errors that may limit all email information. Or you may end up finding that Thunderbird has stopped working on windows 10. This situation may occur for various reasons, but the biggest one is when you have just upgraded your OS to Windows 10. In addition, there may be other reasons that may affect the Thunderbird email running on windows 10. So you need to find a solution to the right things and then restart the email app. You can follow this blog for updates. Also, you can contact the Thunderbird support number for a quick solution.

Two ways to fix the problem:

Here are two proven methods that can fix your repair easily and quickly. You need to follow these steps carefully:

Method 1. Update Thunderbird

You may encounter a problem if you use an outdated version of Thunderbird email. So it’s best to keep it updated and get back to your email services.

Method 2. Run Thunderbird from safe mode:

Another easy solution is to use Thunderbird from safe mode. Now follow these steps:

  • Go to the start button on windows, click on that, and restart your computer.
  • When it restarts, you can see the boot screen with some advanced options.
  • For example, select Troubleshoot and click on advanced options followed by startup settings.
  • Then click the Restart button.
  • When restarting, press the F5 key to safe mode with human contact.

After entering safe mode, you can start Thunderbird email. If it starts to work properly, the problem is not with Thunderbird email but is interrupted by third-party software or antivirus programs. So you need to disable and resume processing your email with a fresh start.

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