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Stunning jewellery doesn’t need to cost someone their clear conscience. Here are certain things that you need to know regarding sustainable jewellery. Sustainable and ethical jewellery are trendy topics today, however, the terminology can get quite confusing. 

In short, jewellery made with the least impact on the surroundings and the individuals involved with crafting it at each step in the supply chain is called sustainable jewellery. Sustainable jewellery also incorporates jewellery that is made to last and promotes quality over quantity. 

Ethical and sustainable jewellery is a win-win for everybody. Jewellery that is responsibly sourced supports the livelihoods of people worldwide, which also helps the international market. Ethical jewellery helps you stay ecologically conscious without giving up on great style.

Sustainable jewellery types

Similar to sustainable fashion, finding the way to sustainable jewellery can be somewhat complex since there are numerous ways for brands to be regarded as sustainable. Some brands utilize recycled and upcycled materials while others concentrate on materials that have the least effects on the globe, like ethically sourced diamonds that are grown in a lab. 

Some others pay attention to how jewellery certainly impacts the population it’s made in by empowering marginalized communities and most importantly, women. Here are some ways jewellery can be made sustainable.

Recycled Jewellery

This is a good place to begin. You can intentionally shop by thrifting traditional jewellery before seeking new alternatives. You can trade in or bestow your surplus metal jewellery. Some jewellery brands make use of unwanted metal jewellery and recycled materials to make stunning pieces.

Ethical Jewellery

The most important ethical issue of the industry revolves around mining. Mining can rigorously impact the surroundings, including air pollution, damaged ecosystems and water waste. Recycled jewellery does not need mining, and neither do gemstones that are grown in labs. The second best alternative to these are jewellery brands that pledge to decrease gas emissions and water waste from mining. You can visit this online jewellery store for more sustainable jewellery collections. 

Fair trade products

Fair trade implies a yardstick for trading practices that shield workers from mistreatment. This protection intends to ensure workers get fair wages, their surroundings stay protected and their work conditions are safe. 

Fair trade can prioritize conflict-free products like recycled silver or conflict-free gold and support local communities with the entitlement to fair working conditions. 

Shop sustainable jewellery

Sustainability is about purchasing things that are made to last and reducing mass production. Investing in fine jewellery collections that are good for daily wear and special occasions can help decrease overconsumption. You can spend on fine jewellery such as an engagement ring and pass it to the next generations. Other sustainable and quality pieces can be recycled, sold, or turn into valuable vintage jewellery in due course. 

Choose sustainably sourced metals

You can include striking sustainable jewellery pieces to your collection by opting for materials that are sustainably sourced like fair trade gold or fairly mined precious metals. Jewellery made using old jewellery’s upcycled materials (such as recycled gold and bronze) is yet another sustainable alternative.

Shop responsibly sourced stones

Besides utilizing recycled metals, sustainable jewellery brands can make use of other ethically sourced materials like gemstones. The pearl industry is often an exception, however, the majority of gemstones are not effortlessly renewable materials. You need to opt for a jewellery brand that utilize responsibly sourced gemstones, the ones that were sourced with principles and ecological consciousness in mind. 

Acquire fairly sourced diamonds

Diamonds are one amongst the most valued gemstones, however, at times that good looks come at a very high price. Blood diamonds are illegitimately sourced diamonds utilized to fund conflict and wars.

Since the jewellery industry supply chain can be intricate and winding, it is almost impossible to track the source of the natural materials. Opting for lab-grown diamonds when you are looking for diamond jewellery for her can easily help evade this issue completely. 

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