The Truth About Soul Ties

The Truth About Soul Ties

I have been wandering around on this topic for the past few days, opening and closing this article for fear of appearing too dangerous or preaching. In one of that past, philosophical moments, I realized that being in danger makes you alert. Knowledge makes you accountable, and accountability creates a place for you to fight your demons and overcome your obstacles. So we are in danger of being in danger, and can anyone say, Emma Clarke?

Not really. She is just 29 years old who found herself humiliated by a sexual and spiritual bond that began to seize existing pieces.

The bond of the soul can foster feelings of worthlessness and dependence.

It’s just sex, I had convinced myself some months before starting this kind of relationship. For some reason, not knowing that is good, I thought I could make sex one; I thought I could control the narrative, wake up the drug, fire the job, get on with my day, and call her when I needed sex again. It worked for a few months… until I found myself working at work one day, shaking in my chair like a confused person, hungry for a penis and the love of this man.

You see, our sex trade was intense, oh it was glorious, which is why I did not understand why I came home so upset and traumatized as if some demonic spirit was hovering in my body and not letting me. I felt out of control. I needed sex every day, twice a day even though I was in pain, and I withdrew and became worse when I didn’t get it.

Unbeknownst to me, I remembered the name I had received years earlier. The soul of the soul.

My research has led me to a delicious explanation of what a soul tie is. Consider attaching two leather belts and disassembling them. The pieces of leather will stick to the opposite of each belt. The concept of soul-relationship is the same; sexual contact with a person will leave one of that person with you – whether good or bad. The more sexual contact with different people, the less likely each individual is to stay with you, and your pieces become part of them. So even if a sexual relationship lasts a short time, the soul tie is still the same.

Much research on soul connections is based on the Bible, and I struggled with that at first as I sought a scientific, “reasonable” explanation of why I felt enslaved to this man. But then I thought, why not explore the Christian view, I was created by God and not science. Time.

Perhaps the most obvious manifestation of the negative effects of an unhealthy soul tie is described at 1 Corinthians 6:15: Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in the body? For he saith, The two shall become one flesh.

Deejay and Pastor Ryan Mark explored how soul bonds can be good or bad in a recent sermon ‘Pure in Heart Ministries International. He speaks of soul connections that form in addition to sexual intercourse, closure/family relationships and vows, and consensus. I gathered in this, cool, so God created man and woman to be united and guided by His word in marriage, so the tie of the soul that works in God’s place is healthy.

I also discovered a soul-study program, honored by the American pain physician, Dr. Daniel Amen.

In his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, he states: “Whenever a person engages in sexual relations with another person, there is a change in the blood vessels in their brain that promote sensory, emotional. “Limbic bonding is the reason why informal sex does not work for most people mentally and physically. Two people may decide to have sex ‘just for fun,’ but something happens to another level that they may not have decided at all: sex enhances the emotional bond whether they want it or not. ”

He goes on to say, “One man, usually a woman, is bound to form an attachment and will suffer when a casual relationship ends. Another common reason for this woman to be severely injured is that the female genital system is larger than the male. ”

Okay, so both of these ideas show that I was irrational and this thing is real. How do I free myself from this unhealthy soul bond?

Pastor Mark gives a guide that I will explain in more detail.

  • Identify: If you find yourself tempted to do something that is not from God’s spirit, it is easy to see. An unhealthy soul bond is dependent, deceptive, and self-destructive. You may worry about this person even after you leave the relationship, and if you stay, you will accept any poison and abuse because you feel you cannot walk. You can also take the negative traits of a partner with an unhealthy soul, and have one experience at a time, good or bad.
  • Confess and Repent:  Methods of Preaching * LOL. With earnestness, however, ask God for help and forgiveness. To think that we can break the tie of the soul by simply leaving a relationship is misleading. If you meet this person again or share a very intimate place, the old flames will rekindle and you will be bound to what continues to live inside.
  • Get rid of clutter you do not need: get rid of clutter you do not need. Judge all the chains, literally.
  • Discard and discard in the name of Jesus: Powerful words. Just as you can say that you cannot live without a person, you can also lose an unhealthy soul bond in the name of Jesus Christ. Believe it or not.
  • Forgive and let go: Forgive yourself and the person so that they do not live with you inside you forever. Without the trauma or negative feelings you have, you cannot wish karma for someone else. Wish blessings and release them.

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