How to Shotgun a Beer

How to Shotgun a Beer

Shotgunning is an easy way to complete a can of beer in a very short time. This process involves drilling a hole in the bottom of a tin, opening a tab, and letting the beer pour smoothly into your mouth. It’s a simple process that allows you to drink quickly, so make sure you enjoy your brewed beer with commitment and safety!

Making a Hole in the Beer Can

Hold a can of beer horizontally. Place the can on the table or hold it in your hand to set it aside. This will move the air bubble inside the side of the tin rather than the top and will ruin the small beer as you make a hole.

Use light beer. It will be very difficult to drink hard or flavored beer immediately.

Place 1 hole (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the can. The aluminum here is soft and you can easily pierce the can. The metal near the bottom of the tin is hard to beat because of its shape.

If you have the right hand, place a hole on the left side of the tab so you can easily open it later. If you have a left hand, tap a hole to the right of the tab.

Tilt the cannon until you feel the air under your thumb. Press the canister until you feel the air pack inside the can. Push a small hole in the canister so you know exactly where you want to hit the hole.

Use a key or knife to pierce the can easily. Hold the end of the key over the hole you made with your finger. With one quick motion, toss down to make a hole in the other side of the tin. Expect some beer and foam to explode out of the hole once it has been pierced.

You can use any sharp object to make a hole, but be careful not to move it to the core.

Push confidently with your thumb if you do not have the tool. Use the palm of your hand and your fingers to grasp the other side of the tin as you go inside. Move your thumb under the tin to avoid scratching your thumb in aluminum.

Don’t be afraid to use your thumb. Push hard from the start and the tin will open.

Be careful when removing your thumb from the can. The metal can be sharp and can cut your finger.

Make the hole equal to a dime. Use the edge of the object you used to pierce the can to increase the size of the hole. Bend the metal so that the sharp edges are inside the can. The bigger the hole you make, the easier it will be for you to drink beer; just make sure you can put your mouth around.

If you hit a hole with your thumb, the hole may be big enough anyway.

Drinking Beer

Put your mouth on the hole. Keep the beer horizontally so the pit is facing upwards and you bring it to your mouth. Be sure to cover the entire hole so that no beer comes out.

Tilt the can to a vertical position. Let the force of gravity do most of your work. Make sure you have a hand on the tab so you can open it properly as the can is standing. You may want to tilt your head to one side for convenience.

Pop the tab open with your other hand. Do not sip any beer outside until the tab is opened. Use your prominent hand to open the tab quickly. Opening the tab will allow air to enter the trash to create space and disable the can.

The beer will start to flow smoothly from the hole, but if you want to drink it quickly, you can drink it with your mouth.

Drink beer as soon as possible. Take a deep breath before you start brewing the beer. Turn your head to help pour the beer. It will come out quickly, so try not to allow too much to fill your mouth before swallowing it. Once the beer is gone, remove the can from your mouth and dispose of it properly.

Keep your throat open so you can flush it easily instead of sucking a can and swallowing.

Drinking beer in this way will make you feel drunk faster. Set boundaries and know how your body reacts.


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