How to setup Roku Com Link ?

How to Set Roku Com Link

To activate Roku on your TV, visit and enter your link code here. If you want your streaming player to be active, you must be connected to a Roku account. Subscribing to a Roku device allows you to select the channels you want and use the required settings related to your current player. You can also download the Roku mobile app after registration as it is a single app for all your search player functions like voice search, channel selection, which can change various Roku player settings. 

Steps to follow in Setup Roku Com Link

  • Turn on your Roku Tv.
  • With Roku Stick, Roku Premiere or Roku Express, connect the HDMI port to your TV. Also, connect the power cable.
  • Select Language
  • Connect your Roku Player to Wifi or the Internet.
  • Set your display type to default
  • Pair your Roku remote on your TV. Press and hold the pairing button for 3 seconds (Follow the on-screen instructions)
  • Now, go to roku//link and enter the activation code on your TV and complete the setup. 

The latest features of Roku Com Link

  • Digital / Computer Broadcast
  • Roku Com connects the video with interest
  • Record your favorite shows
  • Roku Com Link membership

Roku offers many types of membership to its users and according to all user needs and interests. You can take a monthly, quarterly or annual membership per your requirements with an additional broadcast and recording component.

Stick to the guidelines:

  • Create Roku Account or sign in to a Roku account.
  • When you create a new account, you will need payment mode as it enables you to purchase different memberships, rent or buy movies, TV shows or channels.
  • Payment methods accept most PayPal charging cards. If you have trouble choosing a payment method, seek additional help.
  • Learn how to create a PIN for your Roku account if you want to prevent unauthorized purchases.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How do I use my Roku link?

Turn on the Roku TV and Roku streaming device. Then connect it to the Internet connection. After that, you will receive a unlock code. Now, go to the website- and enter that code on the website, and your code will be unlocked.

Q2 I can’t find the Roku activation code. What is the solution?

Restart your Roku device with a wireless router. Then, try connecting to another Internet connection, such as a mobile hotspot or internet dongle and see if you can extract the link code. 

Q3 Does Roku charge any operating or connecting costs to activate?

No, Roku never charges any account creation or link activation.

Q4 How many devices can be connected to a Roku Account?

Your Roku account can be linked to six different devices at any one time. But you can only watch one at a time.

Q5 What is a Roku PIN?

The Roku PIN is four numbers you can set from a Roku account to manage channel payments and extensions.

Q6 Why does Roku need payment information?

A-Roku requests payment details for convenience only for customers. To enable customers to easily sign up or purchase channels directly from your Roku account.

Q7 What is the Roku link code?

The A-Roku link code is the most important step in connecting your streaming player to your Roku account and using it free directly from your account. Your account keeps track of your purchases and manages your Roku device easily from your account.

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