Roku Remote Stop Working

Roku remote stopped working is a common issue with Roku users. Roku is the most used device in the United States for watching entertainment videos. It sometimes happens that you are using the Roku device smoothly, but suddenly it stops working, and you are trying various methods by hitting it and pressing its buttons to make it work. 

Here are four methods on how you can fix a Roku remote stopped working problem.

Step 1: – Roku Remote Stopped Working? Reset it

Here are the steps which you need to follow: – 

Step 1.1: – Plug out the Roku device from the TV. A complete hard reset of the device is needed in this step.

Step 1.2: – Now wait for approx 30 seconds.

Step 1.3: – Now plug back the Roku device.

Now, if your Roku device has pairing issues, this method will fix some of the pairing issues you are having.

Change the Roku remote battery with the new one.

The second step involves taking out the batteries. Sometimes when you take out the storms of the Roku remote and put them back in, they will automatically start pairing with the Roku device. 

Please take out the batteries and place them back in and along with the first step where you unplug the Roku device. It will resolve most of the issues that you’re having with this device just with the first and second fix.

If you look at the back of the remote and open up the battery compartment, you will see a button on your small back, and there is a little LED light. 

Now, press this button by the battery compartment for approximately five seconds. It will start putting your remote into pairing mode, and it will start looking for the Roku devices near it.

Roku remote stopped working? Check the compatibility

You have to check that the device and the Roku remote are compatible with each other if not, the remote would not work, and there will be an issue if the Roku remote stopped working.

Step 3: – Try Roku Remote App

If the first and second steps don’t work for you, you can download Roku remote app. Getting the Android app, it’s effortless. You have to go to the Play Store and then type in Roku. Once your order in Roku, you will be able to install the app from there. 

Now you can use the app as a remote and can control your device. You need to enable wifi to go ahead and connect your Android phone to your Roku device. Make sure wifi is turned on on your phone, and this will allow you to use your Android phone as a remote. 

Some of the features on the app are good. You can use the voice commands, and it also has a keyboard that can be used for searching. You can also plug in your headphones to your phone and get the audio of television shows or maybe even a YouTube video that you’re watching. 

Step 4: – Roku Device Not Pairing? Follow the process

Step four is to go into the settings options to pair a new remote with your Roku device. 

1: Scroll up to setting

2: Go over to remote and devices

3: Go-to pair new device

4: Go to the remote option

5: Here, it will ask you to put the batteries in your remote and press and hold the pairing button for five seconds. 

If you do not have a pairing button take out the batteries and put them back in, and it will start pairing automatically with your Roku device. 

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Even if you face issues with the Roku remote not working, we suggest you talk with Roku customer service.

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