Roku Overheating Problems & Warnings

Roku Overheating Problems & Warnings

Roku is a very popular online streaming device. Technology has made our life easier but as with everything Roku device also has some drawbacks like Roku overheating. The main reason for the Roku device overheating is due to using the Roku device for a long time. It is a common issue with every technical device that we use.

Why is My Roku device overheating?

In this article, we have discussed the possible reasons due to which Roku devices overheat and how to fix the Roku device overheating issue. 

Dusting: We all have technical devices at home that need proper attention and cleaning. Devices are kept in one place that needs proper dusting and cleaning. Check if your Roku device does not have dust and other unwanted materials freezing on the device. The dust act as a resistance between the device and the air. The dust does not allow the fresh cool air to enter the device nor it allow the passage for the warm air coming out from the device due to which Roku device overheating message can occur. Make sure that your device is clean and it has a clear passage to the fresh air.

Overusing: Roku is an online streaming device that consists of an inbuilt circuit of wires and another technical instrument that keeps on heating as current flows through them. If the Roku device is being used for more time then the device starts to overheat due to which the Roku device overheating message is displayed to the users. If this is the case, then it is recommended to switch off the device for at least 30 minutes for the device to cool down, and then you can again start the device.

Current flow: Always check for the flow of current. If the device is receiving excessive current more than the requirement and capacity of the device then the Roku device will start to overheat and can also lead to damage to the device. Make sure that you have a voltage controller attached with the device that helps in managing the current flow of the device and protect the device from overheating.

Device location: If the Roku device is placed near to TV, router and other devices then it is advised to maintain a proper distance between the devices to avoid overheating.

Ways to confirm the Roku stick is overheating or not?

To confirm the Roku device overheating issue here are the steps for the users.

The red light on the device: Red light on the Roku device is a clear indication of the Roku device overheating. As soon as you see the right light on the Roku device make sure to switch off the device for some time.

Roku Overheating message: Roku overheating message is displayed on the screen as a confirmed message of Roku device overheating. 

By Touching: Another way to confirm Roku overheating is by manual touch. By touching the device user can check for the overheating of Roku.


These are some of the random issues due to which Roku overheating issue occurs. If users are not able to resolve the Roku device overheating issue then there may be something advanced issue. In this case, it is recommended to contact a Roku representative who will help the users with the Roku overheating problems.


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