Roku error code 014.40

Roku error code 014.40 is an error code that occurs while trying to establish a connection. Roku is an online streaming device that also provides TV channels and other mediums. Roku is a console device that is connected with Ethernet or WIFI to process its working. Roku streaming device is itself a memory and a processor.

Why Roku error code 014.40 occur?

It is not a standard error code, but with the popularity of the streaming device, the Roku error code 014.40 is a standard error in the machine. Here are the possible reasons due to which Roku error code 014.40 occurs.

Internet Connection: Users need to check their internet connection. Try to reconnect the internet with the Roku device through ethernet or WIFI.

Wrong WIFI Information: The user needs to enter the correct password and SSID. Make sure to establish a secure WIFI connection with the Roku device. In case if the wrong information is entered, then it triggers the Roku error code 014.40.

Cache: To decrease the streaming loading time and provide a flawless experience to users, Roku devices cache specific congregations and internal routers. It is good that Roku Tv and internal router save cache as it processes fast, but if the cache is held for too long in the device, then they may get corrupted, which triggers Roku error code 014.40. It is recommended to clear the cache of the Roku device to solve this error.

Mac Filtering: In this case, Roku error code 014.40 occurs when MAC filtering for the router is turned on; in this case, the MAC id for the Roku device might get banned from using the internet.

 These are the reasons for the error code; now, we will talk about the solutions for the error.

How to Resolve Roku error code 014.40?

Here we have discussed the possible solutions for the error code. 

Power Cycling Devices

In this solution, the Roku device is power cycled. Here are the steps that need to be carried out to complete the process. 

Step 1

  • Please turn off the Roku device and disconnect it from the console.
  • Disconnect console and internet router from the socket.
  • Turn off the console and internet router.

Step 2: Now plug in the Roku device and internet router.

Step 3: Power on the machines and check for the issue.

Reinitializing Network Configurations

In this solution, we will reinitialize the network configurations of the device. Here are the steps which need to be followed.

Step 1: Navigate to the menu settings on the Tv.

Step 2: Open “System” and select “Advanced System Settings. “

Step 3: Select “Network Connection Reset” and click on “OK. “

Step 4: Enter the code to reset the device, which will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Follow the instruction guide on the screen to reset the device.

Step 6: At the restart of the device, you will be asked to connect to the internet network.

Step 7: You can choose from the wired and wireless options.

Step 8: Select the wifi and connect it with the Roku device.

Note: If the issue is still precious, contact your internet service provider and ask if the MAC id of the Roku device is banned for using the internet.

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