Roku Error Code 005

Roku error code 005 is an error that occurs due to the termination of software updates download. Many Roku users face trouble in downloading software updates due to which Roku error code 005 occurs. There is no perfect solution for this error. 

Why Roku Error Code 005 occur?

Here are the reasons due to which Roku error code 005 occurs. They are – 

1: Internet Issue – Check for the internet connectivity issue. Check if your Roku device is connected to the internet. No internet can pause the software download updates.

2: Device Version – If you use an old device version that is not compatible with the software requirements you want to download, then the Roku error code 005 error occurs.

3: Server Error – Many times servers are under maintenance, due to which Roku error code 005 occurs. In this case, wait for the servers to be up.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 005?

To fix the Roku error code 005, here are the methods through which you can select the error.

Use the Ethernet Cable

If you use a Roku device through WIFI, you need to connect the device through the ethernet cable. In most cases, an ethernet cable helps a user troubleshooting the issue. Roku devices have an ethernet port and can be connected easily. Here are the steps to connect ethernet cable – 

1: Check that the router and Roku device are connected and turned on.

2: Connect the ethernet cable with the router from one end and to the Roku device.

3: Ensure that your router is connected to the internet.

Check Roku Network Settings

Due to some networking security protocol, Roku has some restrictions to connect to the internet. To fix Roku error code 005, you need to adjust contemporary protocol settings. The process is as follows – 

1:Go to the router admin interface

2: You need to go to the router settings

3: Check your device IP address

4: Check the wireless security. It needs to be WPAK2-PSK (TKIP)

Examine Roku Server status

Server errors are very technical issues that need to be handled with care. Servers can cause temporary problems for Roku devices not working. If any such situation arises, then wait for the servers to come online.

Due to server issues, you can see the following error, Roku error code 009, Roku error code 003, etc.

Conclusion: – If the Roku error code 005 still occurs after following the given methods, you can contact Roku customer care; you can chat with a live technician who will help you troubleshoot Roku error code 005.

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