Roku error code 003

What is Roku error code 003?

Roku error code 003 is an error code that occurs due to a software update. In the Roku error code 003, the Roku player stopped working.

There are a set of errors that occur in Roku like Roku error code 009 etc. As we all know Roku stream videos online due to which the device software needs to have the updated version. The Roku error code 003 occurs due to the software update. 

The Roku device constantly keeps looking for the update which is a normal process. The update and installation process takes place even when the device is in use. It does not interrupt the TV screen as the process goes in the backend.

What are the Reasons for Roku error code 003?

Here are the reasons due to which Roku error code 003 occurs. 

1: Internet Issue – Internet issue is one of the common causes of Roku error code 003. If you are low on the internet then the software update process might stop.

2: Server Errors – If you are facing the error, then it might be due to the server at the backend.

3: Device Version – If you are using the old device version of Roku then you might face the Roku error code 003.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 003? TroubleShooting the Errors

Here, we are going to discuss two methods through which you can fix Roku error code 003. They are: – 

Method 1: Check Server Status of Roku

If the errors occur then it is important to check the server status of Roku to know if a Roku device is experiencing some issues in the backend. If the servers are down for the maintenance purpose then you need to wait for the servers to be up again.

Method 2: Changing Network Settings

Roku error code 003 indicates that the Roku player is not able to upgrade the software. At the time of the Roku installation, a dedicated IP is allocated to the device. Kindly note that the Roku player is not much compatible with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) security protocol. 

There are chances that due to security protocol used on the internet the Roku device refuses for the update. Here is the process through which you can change network settings.

1: Go to the Roku router settings and you need to open its IP settings. Every Roku router has an IP on the back of the router. E.g. ‘’.

2: Go to the wireless and security option in settings. Check that the security mode is not set as AES. If the security mode is set to AES then reset the security protocol to WPA2-PSK.

3: After saving the changes made, try to connect your Roku player with the internet.

Method 3: Make use of Ethernet Capability

Many of the Roku devices are compatible to connect with the network in both wired and wireless mode. If your device is connected to the internet through WIFI then connect the device to the internet with wires. 

Conclusion: If the Roku error code 003 still arises after using the above three methods then you can contact Roku customer support. You can chat with a live technician who will help you to troubleshoot Roku error code 003.



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