How to Recover Yahoo Account

Yahoo is one of the widely used email services due to its security and services provided to users. Many times users are not able to access the yahoo mail account due to several issues. Want to recover a yahoo account? Read the article to see the process.

Why am I not able to log in to my Yahoo mail?

Here is the list of the issues due to which users cannot access their mail account. 

Technical issues: It is a rare case, but sometimes users cannot log in to yahoo mail due to some technical issues. If many users use the yahoo mail simultaneously, then the server gets loaded, due to which technical problem arises. In this case, users need to wait for a while and then log in to the yahoo account.

Forget Yahoo mail password: This is one of the most common issues due to which the yahoo account recovery process needs to occur. In this issue, users do not remember their credentials, due to which yahoo does not allow them to log in to the yahoo account. It is one of the main reasons for recovering a yahoo account and reset the yahoo email password.

Other issues: There are many other issues like suspicious activity and internet issues. The user cannot access the account, and the yahoo account recovery process needs to be carried out.

How to Recover a Yahoo Account?

Here are the steps which will help users to recover a yahoo account. Ensure to follow each step carefully so that the recovering yahoo account process is carried out successfully.

  • Step 1: Firstly, visit the yahoo homepage
  • Step 2: Click on the sign-in option. 
  • Step 3: Now, click on the forget password option.
  • Step 4: Now, you will be asked to enter the recover a yahoo account email or phone number. You should have access to your recovery email address or phone number for the yahoo account recovery procedure. After entering the email or phone number, click on next.
  • Step 5:  Users will receive a confirmation code on the phone number or a confirmation link on their mail. The user needs to enter the code or click on the link sent in the mail to confirm the account. 
  • Step 6:  Now, users will be asked to set the new password. 
  • Step 7: Yahoo account recovery process is complete, and the user is allowed to access the yahoo account.

Yahoo account recovery with phone number

  • With the yahoo account recovery phone number, it’s effortless to recover a yahoo account. Just go to the yahoo recovery page and instead put the phone number over there and click the continue button. 
  • You will receive a verification code through text and fill code in the verification box. Then reset your new password, re-enter it, and it’s done.

Even after following the above process, users cannot recover a yahoo account; then they can contact yahoo support for help.

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