How to Fix a Hacked Bellsouth Email Account?

How to Fix a Hacked Bellsouth Email Account?

In a world where cybercrime, you need to secure your online presence. Unfortunately, one such error is also found in the popular social network known as the Bellsouth Email Account. Therefore, if you have any suspicions that your Bellsouth Email Account has been hacked, you should recover this as soon as possible.

Easy Steps to Recover a BellSouth Email Account

1. Change the password – It is certainly very important to save your entire account from being infected if you know it is. The first step is to change the password to save accounts and data because one of your accounts is linked to another, so in case you choose to change one password, you’ll get a new password for another account.

2. Check the contents of the email that has been violated – So, it can be a difficult task to do, but you can’t ignore it. You may have your bills, account details, home address, security numbers, etc. Therefore, it is very important that you take this step to determine what is likely to be a crime, and you can take steps to protect yourself.

3. Check your Bellsouth email settings – So, when we say check your Bellsouth email settings, check your email forwarding and receiving address, email filters need to be checked, and scammers may change here values ​​redirect emails. Also, check your checkbox, trash, and spam folders for any suspicious activity. And finally, double-check your contacts and make sure you remove all issues.

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