Gmail Password Recovery

How to recover your Gmail account when you’ve forgotten your Email ID/ password

Gmail, powered by the same Google account that can also sync files across all your devices with Google Keep services, Google Drive, Google Photos, and more, is the essential ID for most people. As a result, losing access to it because you forgot the password could be pretty stressful. Here’s how to get your email ID in such cases.

There you can remember your password.

When you can’t remember the password for your Google Account but remember your email address, you can refer to your account’s Google Account Recovery page.

Step 1: Open any browser, search for “Google Account Recovery,” and go to the first link in the results. Then, on the Google Account Recovery page, enter your email address.

Step 2: Google will now ask you for any previous password you remember. If you remember the last password, enter it here and follow all the other instructions. If not, select the ‘Try another option’ option at the bottom left.

Step 3: Google will now begin asking you security questions to ensure that you are trying to access the account, not anyone else’s. Answer your pre-set security questions and follow the instructions for changing your password and retrieving your account.

Alternatively, if your Google Account is connected to a phone, you may see a notification on the phone instead of a security verification query. A message will ask you if you are trying to change the password. Continue by tapping the ‘Yes’ button, and your browser window will now take you to the password change screen.

Once you have reached the new password screen by any of the methods, enter a new strong password that you may not forget. Try typing your password into a particular piece of paper, or use a password management tool.

There you may not remember your email account.

Things are a little tricky if you can’t remember your own Google Email ID. However, it is possible to recover your account if you remember the phone number or receive an email address associated with the Google account you are trying to recover.

Most people who also use an Android phone will be connected to their phone numbers in their Google Account through services such as two-factor authentication. But, if you do, here’s how to keep going.

Step 1: Go back to the Google Account Acquisition page. Instead of adding your email ID, select the “Forgot email?” button at the bottom right.

Step 2: Now, enter your registered phone number or recovery email ID. You will be asked to enter your full name. Enter the exact phrase you entered here when you created the account you are trying to find.

Step 3: Google will send a verification code to your mobile number or recovery email ID. Enter the verification code you receive on the next screen.

Step 4: After successfully entering the appropriate six-digit code, Google will show you your email IDs registered with that phone number or email recovery. If that number is linked to multiple Google accounts, you will find them all listed here.

Step 5: Select the account you want to restore. Continue entering your password. If you do not remember the password for this account, you can continue selecting the “Forgot Password” button at the top left and refer to the section above to change your password.

Tip: If you do not have a recovery email or a registered mobile phone number, you may still have your forgotten email. If you ever access that email ID via a browser, you can still have a browser history from that day.

If you do, go to the browser history of that day and find your Gmail tabs. Gmail tabs may have your email address as tab names. From here, you can find your email ID and proceed to the password recovery section of this article to change your password.

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