How to Recover AOL Password

AOL provides a seamless experience to AOL mail users. With a vast growing userbase, AOL offers high security for the users. From personal to professional use, users can rely on AOL for data security.

As per the AOL mail security law, users need to provide correct information to access the AOL mail features and services. If you are an AOL mail user and cannot recover an AOL account, read the article to know how to recover an AOL email account.

HOW TO Recover AOL Account?

Here are some simple steps to be followed to recover the AOL email account.

Step 1: Open the browser and open the AOL homepage.

Step 2: Click on AOL sign-in option.

Step 3: Enter your AOL email address and click enter.

Step 4: Now, click on “forget the password.”

Step 5: In this step, users have to enter their recovery email address or phone number and click enter.

Step 6: Users will receive a confirmation link on the recovery mail or a code on the phone number.

Step 7: After entering the code or confirming the link, users need to set the new password.

Step 8: Users need to enter the password twice.

Step 9: Now, users are logged in to their AOL account.

Recovering an AOL account is a straightforward process. Make sure to follow every step correctly.

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