QuickBooks is often used for an independent bookkeeping system integrated with future parameters and devices that help with standard savings and reliable financial management. In this post, we will be talking about QuickBooks update error 1328. If you experience any problems with QuickBooks, you should take advice from QuickBooks Proadvisor.

QuickBooks programs save a lot of customer time dealing with their data. However, system renewal is essential for the product to function properly as the product progresses to a higher level to fix bugs.

QuickBooks error 1328

Occasionally they may encounter errors when refreshing and introducing QuickBooks. For example, QuickBooks error code 1328 is a standard update error created by QuickBooks clients.

The QuickBooks 1328 error occurs when refreshing, repairing, installing, or removing QuickBooks. This error will appear on your screen in various ways, but the reference for these types of errors is the same as C: \ config.msi \.


The Config.msi envelope is transitory for information needed when the center arrives short. The contents of this envelope are deleted after the program has been successfully presented. Here and there, if this item cannot be changed, create issues with QuickBooks power updates or self-parsing.

What causes a QuickBooks 1328 error?

  • See the list of reasons for the QuickBooks update error 1328
  • System download disruption
  • This type of problem can occur in the event of a system crash.
  • Another explanation for this error is a system error while downloading the product and launching it.
  • Separation of your independent work
  • Common causes include the establishment of a base or a bomb blast

Step-by-step instructions to correct QuickBooks 1328 error

The following are the settings that can check QuickBooks 1328. Update error. If you find the QuickBooks Update 1328 error on your screen, QuickBooks will turn off, and you will not have the option to deal with it. Therefore, it is always decided that you should always download QuickBooks for the first time to determine the QuickBooks update in 1328.


Solution 1: To access the config.msi record, follow the steps below

  • Right-click on Start fasten and select View
  • You need to double-tap on C: drive
  • show hidden records and envelopes
  • Assemble the tools and select other settings
  • Touch the View tab and select Hidden Files and Folders.
  • Select hidden records and editors
  • Use simple and easy
  • Display secure framework documents
  • Gather the tools and choose another envelope
  • Select the View tab and cover application archive documents
  • Use simple and easy
  • Right-click on config.msi and rename
  • Towards the end of the recorded name, enter .old and press Enter
  • Cover documents with cover and hidden records and envelopes

Solution 2: A Final Repair Tool

  • First, you need to use any vault adjustment and library modification tool found in the QuickBooks program.
  • To fix any hair color, and dispose of fish from your PC, use an agricultural extraction tool.
  • You should remove all unwanted text or junk from your frame
  • It is also important to exclude the introduction of all old PC gadgets
  • Upgrade “Preform” to each framework, use the Windows framework
  • As a priority first, you need to uninstall the QuickBooks program and launch it
  • It would be best if you used Windows System File Checker (“SFC / Scanworn”)
  • You must submit all-important window updates

Solution 3: Customize your QuickBooks domain

  • With a client account with authorized permissions, you must sign in to Windows.
  • Open your Windows Controller board and go to Settings and select the Features area.
  • You should find your QuickBooks item, select it, and then click the Remove / Replace button.
  • If you select the default option, the QuickBooks installer is visible.
  • I went to QuickBooks and found it after finishing the tabs. In case you get lucky, the game will work. If not, proceed to the next option.

Solution 4: use a clean presentation

  • First, uninstall QuickBooks
  • He then introduced QuickBooks
  • To do this, you can select one of the options provided.
  • Another great way to launch a CD is officially launched from an established CD.
  • Another way is to set up QuickBooks with a downloaded record.
  • Introducing QuickBooks from CD
  • Download and launch QuickBooks
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