Purchasing FTM 2019

Suppose you are interested in purchasing Family Tree Maker 2019. In that case, you must make sure you purchase an officially licensed copy that can only be obtained directly from Software MacKiev or one of our authorized overseas vendors. Please note that Mackie does not provide updates or support for the authorized copies of FTM 2019 software or guarantee that the software will not harm your tree or your computer. See below for more details.


Q: How do I buy FTM 2019?

If you are completely new to Family Tree Maker and do not have a previous plan, you can find more information, including our online store, at www.familytreemaker.com.

If you upgrade from FTM 2017 or the previous Family Tree Builder program, FTM has development enhancements available. If you are already on the FTM mailing list, you may have received an email entitled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY – FAMILY TREE MAKER 30TH!” containing the links provided.

If you have not yet registered or received the email, subscribe to the FTM newsletter www.familytreemaker.com, and you will be emailed as soon as you receive more information. You should also click on this for important details on how to make sure you receive our emails.


Q: What do I do if I purchase FTM 2019 from an unauthorized dealer?

A: We suggest you return your copy for a refund and purchase an authorized copy (you can use the links above). If you have a previous Family Tree Maker program, you may be eligible for a discount. Sign up for our mailing list at www.familytreemaker.com to learn more.

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