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PPT Full Form 

PPT Full Form, Full Form of PPT. What is a PPT? If you, too, are looking for all these things related to PPT. In this article, you will learn about PPT and the complete Form of PPT.

The complete Form of PPT is “PowerPoint Presentation.” Which means to “present.” It is an extension file used in a computer or laptop and is created from Microsoft Office software. With its help, any topic or your plan can be explained to another person through pictures and slides. If you like to watch a movie, you must have seen that the owners of big companies hold business meetings with their team, and with the help of the projector, a PPT is explained to everyone how the company can reach its goal. PPT is mainly used in the corporate sector to describe the things to increase the company’s profit and what things are required. All these are explained in the form of slides in PPT.


  • powerpoint Presentation
  • Program Performance Test
  • Production Prove Out Test
  • People Process Technology
  • Parts Per Thousand
  • Pre Placement Talk
  • Project Placement And Training
  • Post Production Test Etc

PPT Full-Form – Where PPT is Used?

PPT is used in various fields. Here are some examples through which you will understand the complete Form of ppt and where it is used.

For students:  Students use ppt for their school or college projects.

Office use: Office workers can use ppt for project presentations.

Research: Researchers use PPT to save their research.

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