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How to Play Punch Buggy

How to Play Punch Buggy

Long rides can be tedious and tiring. A great way to get them to play is Punch Buggy. Punch Buggy, also known as Slug Bug and Punch Bug, is a fun game to play while on the go. The game consists of hitting a person slightly when the VW Beetle is spotted. Following the rules properly will allow you to have a good time on the road.

Playing Game

Identify the “Distractor” While you are in the car, keep your eyes focused on passing cars. You are looking for an “insect” or a Volkswagen Beetle. It can be old or new, but it has to be a VW Beetle. These are the cars you need to identify. Make sure you do not make a mistake on other cars with “disruption” VW Bug is a small car that will have rounded features, as well as a VW logo on the back of the car.

Remember, you want a car like the traditional Volkswagen Beetle. This does not include all Volkswagen cars. For example, the Volkswagen Cabriolet could count.

Hit the person closest to you and shout “Punch Buggy!” You should bake them with your upper arm. As you hit them, be sure to shout “Punch Buggy.” This will confirm that you have seen the Beetle. If you hit them, don’t be too aggressive. You can’t punch someone when they say “Punch Buggy” and start punching you.

You can call the color “bug” too. This is not necessary. This helps the other person to know what kind of car you have seen.

If you go for a Volkswagen sale, you are not allowed to punch anyone.

Keep notes. You want to make sure you know who wins. A good way to do this is to keep points during the game. Each proper identification of a distraction gives you one point. However, each time you make a mistake, you lose just one point.

Appoint someone who will be able to save points with a pencil and paper, or have a keypad on a mobile phone.

Be careful. It is best to avoid punching the driver in the face. You should only hit the other passengers in the car. If you are the only driver in the car, play a Punch Buggy communication game, or save the game for a time when there will be more passengers.

Do not hit anyone harder than you should. Hit lighter when another player asks you to.

Avoid hitting very small players. Tap slightly, or save them to the game.

Reading Additional Rules

Call time out. You can stop or stop the game if you feel frustrated. All you have to do is ask for time out. Just say “out of time!” 

The number of points drawn should be determined at the beginning of the game, either by the parent or the driver. The catch is usually 25 points.

Hit twice with a pre-named car. A car that has been called by another player before cannot be called again. When called out, the person who called it the second time had to hand over two punches to the player who had been calling the “bug.” Another option is to draw points.

If you have not heard the first “Punch Buggy”, you can argue that your phone will not be held for you. This should be decided by all the players together.

Deliver the fist within five seconds. If you call “Punch Buggy,” you should hit another passenger within five seconds. You are deprived of your boxing rights after five seconds. This rule applies to all players. Some players have the right to try to avoid boxing within this second season.

Since the game has no official rules, you can choose to extend or shorten the boxing time when it is called “Punch Buggy”.

The punched punch doesn’t earn points for a player who calls it “Punch Buggy.”

Call the same insect after stopping. A VW distraction is seen before can be driven again after thirty minutes if the car is stopped during the intervention between the first and second calls. This is because a car parked in a park area cancels any cars that have been called before. The car, however, should be fully stopped, not just standing there for a drive.

It can be determined that a car is worth less than 30 minutes if everyone agrees with this rule.

Avoid hitting unwanted passengers. The driver should be released from the game, even for other passengers who do not want to participate. Decide who is playing before the game begins. Hitting a non-playing passenger can result in a point draw or a return punch.

The penalty for beating an unwanted person is determined by the players.

Choosing Variety

It plays without contact. Punch Buggy can also be played without punches. The rules are the same as the game version, but no contact is allowed. Another player may choose to inform the phone by saying something like “I see it,” or simply saying “okay.” Keep track of points rather than headers.

This version of the game is fine if there are only two people in the car.

Extending the type of car. You can choose to include other types of cars in this game if there are not enough VW Beetles on the road. You can choose to limit the types of vehicles allowed to be “Beetle-like” vehicles, such as the Hebmuller or the Karmann Cabriolet. Or, you can limit the type of car to small, compact cars.

Create a release in the game. You can create rules to be released from boxing in the game. For example, at first glance, it can be determined that anyone wearing black socks is uncomfortable in a bag. Change the rule as the game progresses at a glance.

Another release could be for anyone wearing a green shirt.

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