Outrank Zillow for Local Real Estate Terms

Guide to Outranking Zillow for Local Real Estate Terms

It isn’t surprising that many industries have started to turn their focus to the internet to broaden their horizons. Many websites and services have been developed and released to cater to the growth of varying industries and businesses under the sun. One example of these websites is Zillow, one of the leading websites out there for the real estate marketplace.

Among all the features available to Zillow, its main part of allowing users to search for listings online for properties up for sale or rent in a convenient platform that places it at the top of useful websites. Other websites for the same feature and even official websites that post the listing themselves will find it difficult to topple Zillow at the top ranks but not impossible.

Several tips and tricks exist online from companies specializing in real estate marketing services to help you overcome Zillow and have users redirected to your site for better growth and development. We are also here to help with several tips we have prepared that you can do to outrank Zillow.

Create Meaningful and Engaging Content for your Website

The first tip we have prepared is to prepare meaningful content on your website. Things such as blog posts, entries, and articles that fit under this category are one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website.

You would want to create meaningful content for your website because they serve as starting points for people to access before learning about your website. It is difficult to stand out on the internet nowadays because of the innumerable number of companies found in the same industry. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is the content you can provide, as they make you more unique and memorable.

Think Outside the Box for your Listings

Creativity is critical for standing out and becoming more recognizable when posting your listings. Adding listings to your website should be done with a lot of care put into it with a bit of creativity. Please don’t settle for a simple listing that only contains a summary of the house itself with very few details that other websites have.

Get creative with the content you put in the listing, such as your choice of words and how you present the household. It is good practice to see what other websites are doing, but what they post shouldn’t limit your creativity as you can quickly expand on them to make your website recognizable and unique.

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Invest in Real Estate SEO

Continuing from the first tip, meaningful content can only take you so far with growing your website. You also need to be aware of SEO (search engine optimization) to get your website content’s most value and use.

SEO is a significant investment that many people make, and for a good reason. Having SEO integrated into your content gives you long-term value as you can be assured of the relevance of the range despite the passage of time. It allows you to grow your traffic more organically and naturally as you add more and more content making it worth the time and investment. Furthermore, it helps boost your credibility and reputation for your company/brand.

Combine Offline and Online Promotional Activities

The last tip we have is to do something Zillow cannot do, using a combination of offline and online activities that help promote your company. Examples of this are working with your local community (or the neighborhood your listings are) to help others through a short program or activity and hosting webinars geared towards helping others by teaching them new skills or knowledge for free.

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