Locked out of Facebook Account – Easy Troubleshoot

More than two billion people use Facebook to connect with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues, share details of their lives through photos and videos, make live broadcasts, find great deals, and do business on them.

With all this data uploaded to the platform, Facebook has taken steps to protect it by increasing security measures and using guidelines more efficiently than ever before. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some users being locked out of their Facebook accounts and are unsure how to open them to continue using or accessing the service.

However, most people may not know that Facebook can disable or lock your account at any time, restrict your activity or sign in, or keep you from accessing your account entirely.

Why You Are Locked Out Of Your Facebook Account Locked

You are locked out of your Facebook account for several reasons, which can be difficult and frustrating to undo. These reasons can be categorized by the user or system error, disregard for Terms of Use and Community Standards, site maintenance, or security and include any of the following events:

  • You are signed in to multiple devices, indicating on Facebook that your account may have been stolen.
  • Facebook may think you have broken one or more rules.
  • You may have received a phishing scam that misrepresented you on the ‘Facebook’ website and logged in. If this happens, the cybercriminal may use your information to access your Facebook account, and Facebook detected and flagged the activity.
  • Someone reported your account as fake and asked you to delete it, report your content as harassment, or mark it as spam. Facebook automatically flags your account in such cases while browsing reported content or account.
  • It violates the Terms of Use and Public Standards by using a false name, posting content that violates these Terms, impersonating another person, or frequent violations of forum rules.
  • Your account appears to be a security threat, which may range from suspicious activity to promotions, illegal content, harassment of other users, unsolicited communications, inappropriate or spam advertising, and more.
  • I am joining too many groups. Facebook puts users into 200 groups, and once you pass, your account can be locked or disabled.
  • If you send too many messages to someone’s wall or group, it can be considered spam, especially if it is sent in a short time.
  • If you are under age and not part of a high school team.
  • You have sent too many friend requests to others beyond the 5,000 limit, though this is rare.
  • In some cases, malware, which causes you to scan your computer, may indicate on Facebook that your account has been hacked or something suspicious.

How to Access a Locked Facebook Account

If you are sure that your Facebook account is clear for all of the above reasons, and you think it is locked or disabled by mistake, reach out to them directly so that your concerns can be addressed.

You can fill out and submit an online form, and Facebook will investigate the matter. However, Facebook does not guarantee that you will receive a prompt reply at some point, so you may have to wait for a response from them, which may take a few weeks.

If you are locked out of your Facebook account because you forgot the email address or password you used to create your account, you can recover or reset your account if you have certain information, such as your email or phone number.

If you choose to reset your account, you will need to answer the security question you selected while creating your account, proving to Facebook that you are who you claim to be.

Alternatively, you can select a friend on Facebook you trust and give them a designated URL and get a security code. Please enter this code again when you have completed any of these security tests, your account will still appear, but you will have to wait at least 24 hours before trying to recover it.

How can you prevent your Facebook account from being locked again

We have looked at some of the primary reasons why your Facebook account may not be locked or disabled, but sometimes it can happen without warning, so you have no control over it. Here are a few things you can do to prevent locking out of your account.

  • Limit the number of friend requests you submit
  • Read and adhere to the terms and conditions of Facebook
  • Limit the number of spaces you create in the short term
  • If you use Facebook for business marketing, add other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others to your marketing strategy, and build a fan base in them
  • Please do not click on the links from the emails that claim to be from Facebook, as they may direct you to sensitive phishing sites, and cybercriminals can easily access your account with your credentials.
  • Use antivirus or security software that can crack any malware or virus

Get Your Public Health

Being locked out of your Facebook account can be frustrating because you have probably shared too much of your personal life, which you may not be able to get back if you have access to your account. We hope you now know how to access your account using the methods listed above and keep it locked again.


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