Legacy 9 Family Tree Software

Legacy 9 Family Tree Software

Legacy family tree is known as one of the best genealogy software used worldwide. The software is known for its excellent record management and cost-effectiveness. The software is easier to use with legacy 9 Deluxe Edition.

Features introduced in Legacy 9.0 Deluxe Edition.

Legacy 9 contains the following features which the standard version does not have.

Hinting: – Legacy 9 automatically hints at information, stories, and pictures of ancestors through records of critical websites like FamilySearch, Findmypast, MyHeritage, and GenealogyBank.

Reports and Charts: – Reports and Charts in legacy 9 help you to see trends in your Ancestor’s medical history. Now expand your genetic genealogical tools with a new X-DNA color scheme. It also allows you to see your tree at a glance in the family dictionary.

Online Backup: – With the legacy nine family tree, backup your tree data in the Legacy cloud. Now, users don’t have to worry about data loss. Until users are backing up the data in a hard drive or DVD, they can now also backup the data in the legacy cloud in legacy 9.

FindAGrave.com Searching: This feature in the legacy family tree helps a user create a list of people with or without Grave ID.

Stories: – Now, users can easily preserve their ancestors’ stories. This new tool helps you to organize, record, and print stories of your ancestors. 

Hashtags – Now, users can add and create hashtags to describe their ancestors. Now users are no longer limited to 9 hashtags. Now, describe your ancestors with unlimited hashtags. #farmer #Cowboy etc.

Color Coding  – The color-coding feature helps the user to color their Ancestor’s profile. Now users can color code in both name list and index view. It allows a user to know which part of the tree they want to look at.

View all nine tags – With this feature, users can now view all the nine tags in the name list.

Media Sorting – Through this feature, media is now auto-sorted by date in legacy 9.

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