Kickass Proxy Sites to Unblock the Kickass Torrent Website

Before knowing about Kickass Proxy, it is essential to know about the site Kickass torrents. It is a website that plays a role in providing online directories to the user. These online directories are for Magnet link and Torrent files. Kickass Proxy files fall into the category of download and peer-to-peer file sharing via BitTorrent’s protocol.

Kickass Torrent originated in the year 2008 and gained its popularity towards the end of 2018. However, the US seized the domain in the year of 2016 and shut down its server. Downloading files on this site is not illegal, but some files were still copyrighted. Kickass Proxy

Kickass Proxy is known as a site that can give people access to Kickass Proxy. Many countries block these sites, but you can use these files with the help of a proxy. Proxies play a role that changes your browsing location and so you can use it without stressing that someone might block you. Therefore it is not unsafe to operate a KAT proxy.

The main reason that Kickass Proxy Torrent sites are blocked is copyrighted material that users download. While accessing KAT, this blocking is done by the government, depending on the location where you are living. ISPs also put blocks on them, due to which copyright material is the only reason. Kickass Proxy One of the most disappointing things that one can experience is that sometimes it becomes unreachable or disappears. Therefore it is not safe to use kickass Proxy.

However, stop worrying because there are many ways to download your favourite Kickass Proxy torrent file. One of them could be by using a VPN. VPN plays a massive role in changing your current location and helps you access a banned site in your country. 

 Kickass Proxy TOR is a communication software that plays a role in helping the user for surfing through these websites. The primary function of TOR is to operate on nodes of the Internet and redirect Internet traffic between nodes. TOR performs this redirection to hide the user’s identity with its location. TOR also plays a role in stopping spying and analyzing traffic. Kickass Proxy

However, the easiest and easiest way to get your favourite Kickass Proxy Torrent file is to use Proxy or mirror sites. The main job of these sites is to provide you with a replica of the content you wish to download. Kickass Proxy

How Does a Kickass Proxy Site Work?

Anyone can enjoy accessing the Kickass Proxy Site without any login or registration. The Kickass Proxy engine is an improved one; it provides a variety of powers to the user. With the banning of the Torrent website, Kickass Torrent started renaming its domain.

Why Use a Kickass Proxy Site?

The primary function of the Kickass Proxy Site is to act as an intermediate between your network and the site. Kickass Proxy Site allows the user to access the website indirectly. Attendance will be as if you are establishing a relationship with Proxy and not the website.

List of Best Kickass Proxy Sites

Kickass Proxy List


These were some Kickass Proxy lists that could be beneficial for everyone to download their favourite media, software, or other things. Some internet service providers can monitor your activities while you are going through some websites. Torrent Hackers top this list when they are passing through Kickass Mirror Sites.

Therefore you must set up a VPN that will enable you to maintain your privacy. No one can monitor when you are using Kickass Mirror Sites. Some Kickass Proxy 2021 Sites are given below, which will help you to go directly to the link without any problem.

How To download a movie from Kickass Proxy?

There are some simple steps that you need to follow to download movies from Kickass Proxy Torrent.

  • You first have to go to the new Torrent SIte new domain of 2021 (
  • Then you have to click on the search bar and find the movie you want to download in Kickass Proxy.
  • Here you will find some great resources, which you were looking for from Kickass Proxy Site. To check more details like details, file size, screenshots, etc., you will need to click on each torrent name.
  • Below the title, you will see a Magnet Link from where you can download the movie for free.
  • You will have to download and install Torrent Client such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitComet, etc.
  • Once you have installed Torrent Client, you need to copy or paste Magnet Link or import the downloaded TOR. After this, you have to select the output directory to start the downloading process. Kickass Proxy
  • All these steps will help in downloading the movie from the Kickass Proxy torrent.

Kickass Proxy Torrents are safe to download movie?

Kickass Proxy torrent is one of the popular torrenting websites as it provides a massive directory of torrent files. Even Magnet Link provides for sharing P2P files with the BitTorrent protocol. There is a lot of dependence on the available sources. If none works, then there are other sources to complete the downloading process from Kickass Proxy.

You do not have to worry even if your computer suddenly shuts down and disconnects from the Internet. As you begin the process, the space you left can be created and downloaded. You do not have to resume the downloading process from the beginning. It is effortless to find and download files here in Kickass Torrent.

How popular is Kickass Proxy Torrents?

  • Kickass Proxy is one of the famous sites where you can download everything you need. There are a few things that have been mentioned that make Kickass Torrent popular.
  • Well-indexed content where you can find everything hassle-free and even link.
  • Kickass Proxy has a straightforward design as user-friendly. Users can effortlessly search, navigate and download.
  • All materials are well updated and well maintained.
  • The Kickass website is available in about 45 languages, making it easy for users to read and fine-tune desired content in Kickass Proxy.

What is Kickass Torrents 2021?

Kickasstorrent proxy website is also known as KAT which is a Torrent Download Site. This website helps users download movies for free, copyright software and other content.

Below is some Kickass Proxy Site that allows users to access Torrent Library for Kickass Proxy.

How to download from Kickass without an account?

There are some steps that you need to download from Kickass Torrent without an account:

Before downloading anything from Kickass Proxy, you will need to download the Torrent software on your device.

  • Then you need to visit the site (
  • Then on Kickass Proxy’s home page, you can search for any specific content you want to download.
  • When you select film-like content, you will see an internal page open. There you will see “Download Torrent”. Here you need to click on the option to create a free account to download the file.
  • After this, you need to open the Download Torrent Site, which you have downloaded in the first step.
  • Then you need to open the Kickass Proxy Site and click on the ‘Magnet’ icon and then click on ‘Open Magnet URL’ in the popup box. When you click on the option, the torrent software will start downloading the content you want. The material is being saved at your given location.

Kickass Illegal Alternates 


Movies like

Note: does not advise users to use the piracy website. We recommend users watch movies from legal sources.

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