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Kamini Roy is the first woman who has graduated in the British India. She was a Bengali poet, feminist, and social worker. Recently on her 155th birthday anniversary, Google honors a doodle to her.

Kamini Roy Personal Info

  • Birthday: 12 October 1864
  • Place of Birth: Bakerganj now Jhalokati, Bangladesh
  • School: Bethune School
  • Collage: Bethune College of the University of Calcutta
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Death: 27 September 1933 (aged 68) 

Kamini Roy Family

  • Father: Chandi Charan Sen was a writer, judge and he was also one of the leading members of the Bharmo samaj.
  • Mother: NA
  • Husband: Kamini Roy married Kedarnath Roy in 1894, who died in 1909.
  • Children: 2
  • Brother: Nisith Chandra Sen was a barrister in the Calcutta High court and Mayor of Calcutta.
  • Sister: Jamini was the physician of the Nepal royal family.

Honors and laurels

  • She became president of the Bengali Literary Conference in 1930.
  • She was the vice president of the Bangiya Sahitya Parishad in 1932-33.
  • She was honored with Jagattarini Gold Medal from Calcutta University.
  • On her 155th birth anniversary, Google dedicated a doodle to her with her famous quote, “Why should a woman be confined to the home and denied her rightful place in society?”
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Kamini Roy Biography

She is one of the first girls who attend school in British Indian rule. She has done much work for feminism. She has fought for the rights of women. She was in favor of women’s education for all-round development.


She was the active member of the Bangiya Nari Samaj, an organization that was formed to fight for women’s rights. She was also a member of the (FLIC )Female Labour Investigation Commission (1922–23).


After her graduation, she became a teacher at Bethune. She also published her first poem ‘Alo O Chhaya’. She also helped Bengali women have the right to vote in 1926.


She retired from her writing profession after her marriage. She returned back to her writing after the death of his husband and older son.


Source: Wikipedia & indianexpress

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