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Ways to Troubleshoot Internet Disconnects Every Hour

The Internet is a plaything that is difficult to live without in today’s world. We do a lot of things today with the help of the internet. Be it your daily video calling, emails, or another form of communication. The Internet has grown in many ways to work in the modern world including work, business, studies, personal communication, entertainment, and much more. That is why we will not be able to get off the internet in a short time.

Needless to say, you should take full advantage of any service you pay for. Internet connection errors are common, but that’s not something you have to put up with every day. You can remove the connection once a month in blue, but the frequency of such errors and disconnections is not acceptable at any cost. There is nothing to worry about in this, as you can fix it in no time at all. To start with an hourly internet discovery, let’s start with the diagnosis:

Troubleshooting the internet goes hour by hour

1. Diagnosis

To solve this error where your internet connection is cut off every hour, you need to understand what the error is, and what problems you are facing. First, you need to find out if the Internet is down or there is a problem with the settings in your router or cables. This will not only give you a better idea of ​​the problem but will also make the solution easier for you. The first thing you need to do is find out the time and frequency of this issue.

2. Note the time:

If your internet connection is disconnected every hour. You need to use it for several hours and check to see if it has been disconnected every hour or if it is just unplanned. Another thing to look for is that if it causes problems every hour on the dot, or the time may be random but almost every hour. This can help you to understand your situation better and to deal with it better.

First of all, if your internet is down and it works well again, that means there are potential software and hardware bugs in your network that you need to check and we can guide you on how to do that.

However, if a dot after one hour for a few seconds and it works again, that means a particular software problem that is causing you trouble and should be easy enough to do. There are different adjustments that can work in both cases. Whatever the case, one simple solution is to get started.

3. Reset your Modem / Router

You need to reset your modem/router. This is the most basic solution you can find but it works amazingly well most of the time. This can help you to delete any settings that might be causing you trouble. There is also a possibility that something or the software may be stuck somewhere else and resetting your modem/router may fix it to work properly.

Note that resetting your router will bring you to the default settings and you will need to reset any SSID, password, and network protocols back to the modem/router. This is a good shot, but if this solution doesn’t work for you, you need to look into the following.

4. Hardware Problem

If your internet just doesn’t connect to blue at any time, you need more checks running on your network. Some checks you can use are:

5. Check the cables

Make sure all wires are in good condition. Slight bending, aging and tearing, or any scratches on your wrists can cause burns after use and can cause connection problems. You need to check all the cables connected to the modem/router and your PC to make sure each of them looks good.

6. Check the connectors

The connectors at the end of the cable play an important role in communication. A loosely connected connector can be the cause of your condition and can cause you serious problems. Make sure all connectors on your PC are securely connected and in good condition. Carefully inspect yourself for any type of damage and replace them if you feel like something worn or smart is slipping into these connectors.

7. Software Problems

If you have done all of the above tests, and your internet is still disconnected after an hour, that means there is a problem with the settings on your end or end of the ISP. You need to follow these steps to fix the problem.

8. Reset network settings

There are many settings that control your internet connection. These settings include DNS settings, VPN settings, and much more. You need to reset all Internet settings in your PC and try to reconnect to the Internet. This may solve all your problems. However, if you do not want to reset all settings to your network, there is a function for this as well.

The meter connection has been tested for use and this may result in you losing communication every hour for a while. Check the metered connection settings on your PC and reset them to default. If you see a limit where you have not set or do not want it in your network, you can reset that and turn off the meter connection.

9. Contact the ISP

If none of the above solutions work for you, it’s time to contact your ISP and seek their help. The ISP will be able to help you with the best solution and fix the problem for the better. This can take some time so it is best to try to solve the problem on your own first.

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