How to Support Your Community During Coronavirus?

CoronaVirus or Covid-19 has made changes in the economic, mental, and physical health globally. The virus has just not infected a person, city, state, country but the whole world. 

Due to the Coronavirus spread, many peoples have lost their source of income globally. In tough times like these, we need to support our communities. In this post, we will discuss “How to support your community during Coronavirus?”.

Supporting Community Financially

Look at your neighborhood and city; if you find people who need financial support, help them. Here are the ways through which you can help them financially: – 

Buy Food: If you find people who need the food, you can help them by providing them the food. You can order food online for them. You will find many restaurants nearby that offer online food orders.

If you don’t find any restaurant for online orders, you can provide them with self-cooked food.

Buy Daily Needs: You can also help people purchase daily needs goods for people like clothes, food items, etc.

Medical Help: You can help people by providing them with medical equipment like a PPE kit, masks, sanitizer, etc.

covid 19 wear mask

Aware Community About Social Distancing to avoid Coronavirus Infection.

Many peoples are not aware of the concept of social distancing to avoid coronavirus infection. Tell them about the rules and guidelines by the government which need to be followed. 

Aware of the community about wearing masks in a public place, washing hands with water, and cleaning hands with sanitizer.

Donation for Coronavirus Infected People

You can start a donation campaign for people who Coronavirus infects. In this way, you can help them with money.

You can use various social media platforms and fundraising mediums to collect the donation fund.

Work From Home

Tell people about the work from home concept. If they have any skills related to the web, then you can help them with earning money. Earning money online can help many people in surviving their needs.

There are many other ways through which you can help and support the community. 

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