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How to Fake Sleep

If you are trying to avoid a roommate or a parent, pretending to be asleep can give you a way to get out of the relationship. Deceiving a person into believing that he or she is sleeping may make him or her uncomfortable, and it allows you to listen or watch his or her actions unknowingly. But how do you sleep fake without getting tired? Whether you need to sleep a nightmare or pretend to get a full night’s sleep when you were late arriving at night, we have hidden it.

Pretending to Sleep

Choose a natural place to sleep. Sleep in the most natural sleeping area. Do not hold anything, place your legs on the bed, and do not pick your head up. If you often fall asleep in your stomach, do so while lying asleep. People you know will not find you suspicious.

Lie in bed motionless. If you fall asleep naturally you will move very slowly. To give the impression that you are truly asleep is best not to move. Unless someone is watching you sleep for a long time, you will not be expected to move.

Close your eyes gently. Avoid tightening your eyebrows together. To give a good idea of ​​sleep, your muscles, including your eyelids, should be relaxed.

Look down as you close your eyes to protect your eyelashes.

Your eyes do not always close completely while you sleep. Let your eyelashes close properly; you can still see without a piece of your eyebrows.

To make a false REM sleep (deep sleep when your eyes are moving fast) look around with your eyes closed.

You can even brush the muscles on your face. Try to sharpen your forehead and jaw muscles for a satisfying result.

Breathe in rhythm. Take a slow, balanced, deep breath. You need to let go of your breath and try to keep it as close as possible. Count on your head as you breathe, and try to breathe out for the same amount of time. Repeat this with each breath you take.

Answer the sounds or touch. If you hear a loud noise or touch, take a deep breath, and suddenly shake your body slightly. Sell ​​your artificial sleep by inserting what appears to be an unconscious reaction to sounds and movements in the room.

After you respond to the disturbance, allow your body to relax and your breathing to return to normal.

Be sure not to smile or open your eyes, otherwise, you will give the impression that you are awake.

Staying awake while you sleep

Remove the bedclothes from your bed and turn on the fan. The most common sleep apnea is between 60-67 ° F (16-19 ° C). [5] Cooling your body and your room can make it less tempting for you to sleep, even if you close your eyes while you are sleeping.

Open the window if you can get some fresh air and fresh air.

Use an ice pack to keep you cool under the covers if you live in a hot climate.

Put your ears in your ears and listen to the loud, fast music. Use your hair or clothes to cover the headphones. Exciting music can raise your adrenaline levels, which can keep you awake while pretending to be asleep.

Choose rock, hip hop, or EDM songs and stay away from cool classical music, which can put you to sleep.

Do complex calculations with great speed in your head. Tiring work has been proven to make you more sleepy, but faster activities can always keep you awake. [9] Try subtracting random numbers or multiplying two- and three-digit numbers as a way to keep your brain working.

Choose a random number and subtract by 7 as long as possible until you reach the wrong numbers.

Sit up for a minute or two to get up. If no one is around, stay tuned to show your body that it is not time to go to bed. When someone comes in while you are still sitting, just pretend to wake up in a dream. After that, lie down and close your eyes again.

Hide something with caffeine nearby to keep it private for hours. Take a soda with caffeine (like Mountain Dew), coffee, tea, or a few pieces of chocolate. You do not need to drink whole soda or a whole cup of coffee – especially if you do not drink caffeine regularly. Just go to a few sips to keep you up while you sleep fake.

One can of caffeinated sugar contains 1/4 of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

The chocolate bar has 1 / 8th amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Put your caffeinated beverage in a sturdy water bottle that can be used to make it look suspicious.

Leave the bottle on your nightstand or the floor next to your bed.

You will feel the effects of caffeine for about 45 minutes after eating or drinking something that contains caffeine.

Keep in mind that caffeine takes more than 6 hours to completely drain from your system, so you may not be able to sleep easily after doing this!

Pretending You Got a Good Night Sleep

Take a cold shower. Take a shower and take a quick shower in cold water. Cool water will increase your heart rate and speed up your metabolism as your body tries to keep warm. You do not have to wash for a long time, just a minute to do it.

Dress up and complete your morning routine. Getting out of your pajamas and getting dressed for the day is one of the first steps you can take to become more alert. Complete your morning routine such as washing your face and applying makeup to maintain your appearance.

Apply a face cream containing caffeine to reduce swelling under the eyes.

Switch to actions as if you were resting all night to keep your process from being disrupted by sleep deprivation.

Sit down and put on a cool washcloth to dump the bags under your eyes. Hold the laundry for a few minutes.

Eat an energetic breakfast. Eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates and proteins such as oatmeal and eggs for long-term energy. Avoid sugary foods that will lead to energy loss soon after eating.

Keep moving. If you sit down to rest, your body will feel tired because you missed sleep last night. Try to exercise for 15-30 minutes to block sleep and increase your awareness.

Spice all day. Keep your energy level up and down with a healthy snack throughout the day. Avoid high-sugar and high-fat diets so that you do not experience sugar or sleep insomnia.

Add healthy oils from nuts, olive oil, and avocados.

Get plenty of protein from sources such as eggs, yogurt, beans, and meat.

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