How to Activate Turbo Card

Are you looking for turbo debit card activation? Want to get a closer look at your tax refunds and cannot activate a turbo debit card. A turbo debit card saves your time and money as you can get payroll two days earlier and get access to your tax refund at any time. Turbo debit card also helps the users to send money and to pay bills.

To start paying bills, transfer money, and see tax refunds, one needs to activate a turbo debit card. In this article, learn how to activate a turbo debit card in easy steps.

How to Activate Turbo Debit Card?

Here are the three methods through which users can activate their turbo debit cards.

Activate your turbo debit card online 

The first and easy method to activate a turbo debit card is through the online mode. Users can quickly start turbo debit cards online in simple steps.

  • Click on this link to visit the website to activate turbo debit card online: 
  • Now, users will see a form where they have to fill in some details like a 16 digit card number, expiry date, and CVV ( users will find the three-digit CVV on the backside of the card ). Make sure you have all the details with you before starting the process.
  • After filling in the details in the form, click on next. 
  • Now, follow the steps guided on the screen, and the process of activating the TurboTax debit card is completed.

Note: Users need to create a four-digit pin when activating the TurboTax debit card in case of all the methods.

Using Phone to Activate Turbo Debit Card

Users can also activate a TurboTax debit card through their phones. But, first, users need to contact intuit support to talk with a representative who will help users start turbo tax debit cards.

Use App to Activate TurboTax Debit Card

Users can also access the TurboTax through an App, and it also helps the user activate the TurboTax debit card. Here are the steps to activate the TurboTax debit card through an App.

  • Go to the play store and download the TurboTax app.
  • Install the App.
  • Open the app and click on get started.
  • Now, follow the instruction as per guided on the screen.
  • Ensure to provide the correct information like digit card number, expiry date, and CVV to activate the card.

How to Check Balance After Activating Turbotax Debit Card?

Here are the steps to check the balance on the TurboTax debit card.

To check the turbo debit card balance message BAL with the last four digits of the card and send it to 43411. 

Users can also use the TurboTax app to check the balance of the card.

How to use your Turbo bank card using direct Link

Card Number (16 digits)

Enter the long card number in the center of the card

Expiry date

This takes on a monthly and annual format. For example, November 2020 will appear as 11/20.


These are the last three digits in the back row of the card.

Press Next → Personal questions

You will be asked some personal questions that you need to answer correctly. This is easy, but it should also result in faster card activation. Once the activation process is complete, you can continue to use your card.

The conclusion

Activating your Turbo bank card is very easy. You can follow the paper instructions that come with the card or go to the page and check out the official Turbo website. In any case, you will end up on the official card unlock page, where you can find your card and get ready to go.

The only thing you need to remember is that you must have your card if you use it. You cannot use the card without all the information shown on it.

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