How to Activate a Walmart Gift Card?

Activating a Walmart gift card is a straightforward process. If you own a Walmart gift card and want to start a Walmart gift card, you can read this article on activating a Walmart gift card?

Walmart is a gift card that can be used as a debit card that can use for shopping. It is a card loaded with a certain amount of money, and the user can use that money as they wish.

Walmart forms one of the largest chains of gift cards and is used worldwide. Many of the users don’t know the procedure for activating a Walmart gift card. Through this article, users can learn the process of starting a Walmart gift card step by step.

How to Activate a Walmart Gift Card?

Here are the steps through which users can activate a Walmart gift card. Before moving ahead, here are a few things users need to know. They are:

  • Users can use the Walmart gift card worth $250 without activation. Walmart has a policy because a gift card worth $250 can be used and does not require any activation.
  • Walmart gift cards worth more than $250 need activation for user security purposes.
  • At the time of purchasing a Walmart gift card, users will receive a mail with Walmart gift card activation instruction.

Activate a Walmart Gift Card Online

Follow the given steps to activate a Walmart gift card online.

  • Open a web browser and open the link send to the mail by Walmart.
  • Now, users need to enter the activation code, ID number, and PIN. Make sure to enter the correct information.
  • Enter the required information, and the Walmart gift card will be activated, and users are eligible to use the card.

Activate a Walmart Gift Card By Phone

Users can directly call on Walmart gift card numbers to activate a Walmart gift card. Users will find the number on the email send by Walmart at the time of purchase of the card.

Users need to provide ID number, activation code, and PIN over the phone, and the Walmart customer representative will activate the card.

Activate a Walmart Gift Card At Store

Users can redeem or activate a Walmart gift card at any gift store. Users can talk with the store cashier, who will help users in starting the Walmart gift card.

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