How to Activate a Visa Gift Card

Want to activate a visa gift card? In this article, the easy methods are explained to activate a visa gift card. Many users cannot start a visa gift card, due to which they are not able to use a visa gift card. To read more about how to activate a visa gift card, read this article.

You can use a Visa gift card for regular purchases in day-to-day life. A visa gift card can be used as a credit or debit card. Here are the methods through which you can activate a visa gift card.

Calling the Number on Your Card for activating a visa gift card

Users can call on the number at the front of the card. When users receive the visa gift card, it comes with a sticker on which users can see a phone number. Users need to call on this number to activate a visa gift card. 

Users need to provide some information to activate a visa gift card like account number, visa gift card number, and CVV printed on the backside of the card.

If users do not find any number on the front side of the card, they need to look at the backside of the card. Users can dial the number which is printed on the rear of the card. For a visa gift card, customer service users need to dial and follow the prompt to activate a visa gift card.

Activating a Visa Gift Card Online

If users do not want to follow the method mentioned above, users can activate a visa gift card online. To start a visa gift card online, here are the steps users need to follow:

Visit the visa gift card website. Users can find the link at the front or backside of the card. 

You need to enter information like social security number, date of birth, full name, address, etc., asked on the website. 

Follow the instructions on the screen, and your visa gift card will be activated.

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