How to get out of Facebook Jail?

Facebook jail is a digital jail where users are not allowed to access some Facebook features due to violations of some of the FB policies. Users cannot access features like posting content, sending or accepting a friend request, sharing FB posts, sending messages, and many other features. 

Why was I Put into Facebook Jail?

There are many reasons due to which a user can be put into FB jail. They are:

Using an*ult content: FB does not allow users to post an*ult content. If a user posts an*ult content, then Facebook can put the user in Facebook jail.

Threatening Someone: If a user is threatening someone in messenger, posts or comments are considered a violation of Facebook policies.

Using copyrighted images or content: If a user is posting copyrighted content or ideas without giving credit to the source, it is also considered a violation of the Fb policies. A person who owns the copyrighted content or images can use its copyright fragment against you.

Giving wrong information: If a user provides false information about their identity, Facebook can put the user in Facebook jail as it is considered spam.

Hate speech: If a user uses hate speech based on color, sex, gender, religion, etc., then it is considered as a policy violation of Fb and Facebook welcome users to the Facebook jail.

Wrong information: Presenting wrong or misleading information will leave you doomed.

How Long does Facebook Jail Last?

The period of the Facebook jail depends upon the type of policy the user has violated. The Facebook jail period can be from 1 hour to 3days, three weeks to 3 months, and more. 

Whenever a user tries to post something, then a pop message can be like:

“You can’t post right now.”

You have unusually used Facebook if you don’t mean to. You can again post in 10 hours”.

How to Avoid Facebook Jail or Getting Blocked by Facebook?

If you are new to the term Facebook jail, here are the things that a user will face. They are: 

  • Users are not allowed to post on their timelines, pages, or groups.
  • Users are not allowed to post a comment or share any post.
  • Users are not allowed to react to a post.
  • Users are not allowed to access a FB page or group.

Here is the list of the things which a user should not do to avoid Facebook jail. They are:

Avoid A*ult Content: Users are not allowed to post an*ult content on Facebook. It can lead to a blocked user account.

Adding unknown friends: Adding more friends in a day is considered spam. It is advised not to send friend requests to persons you don’t know. Facebook sees it as spam.

Provide Genuine Information: It is advised to provide correct and genuine information about your profile and page information. 

Facebook jail is considered the worst experience of a person who is addicted to the social media platform. Kindly read the article so that you do not get into the FB jail.

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