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The US government has been very kind and helpful to the poor, disabled, and infirm residents. I mean, in 1985, the government found it necessary to create a program known as a lifeline, where you can get free or discounted products and communication services to everyone, regardless of their social status. 

Free touch screen phones are a vital part of the communications products line features to the authorized recipients. In co-operation with different mobile phone companies, these free add-on touch screen phones are not just communication, but also to keep the users up-to-date with the latest developments and the future of the features. 

Who Is Eligible For The Free, Touch-Screen Phones? 

Free government phones, or better yet, touch-screen mobile phones, sound too good to be true. Fortunately, this is not a bluff, but it’s the truth. However, life has a strict set of rules and regulations applicable to the purchase of this phone. As a result, not every person has the right to use it. The following criteria will be used by the lifeline to determine eligibility. 

To Qualify, Through The Total Home-Based Income 

For sale free of charge and the touch-screen mobile phones, lifeline, estimates of the total income of those living in your household. Such income wages, salaries, dividends, rental income, and all forms of lottery, inheritance, gifts, a husband and the support of others. To be eligible for the free, touch-screen phones, and a family’s total income must be equal to or less than 135% of the federal government. 

Disability Qualifications 

It is well known that different users with a disability will prioritize obtaining free, touch-screen phones and the government. However, not all people with a disability are taken into account. To receive payment, it should not be on monthly income and disability. 

Qualification By The Age Of 

Age is also a factor that impacts the acquisition of the government and touch-screen-enabled mobile phones. Are you 65 years of age or older, with no revenue, and without the right to a pension or old-age benefits? Then you can use free of charge by the government and the touch-screen phones. 

The Results Obtained For The Federal Government To A Program’s 

This is one of the easiest and most widely-used standards for determining eligibility for free government touch screen phones. To pick up on these plans, which are designed to help people in need and the financial tense of citizens to receive primary health care from the government, such as food, shelter, medicines, and treatments. To take advantage of this, you must submit documents proving that you are financially stressed. Therefore, the participants in these programs are automatically eligible for free government touch screen phones and services. 

Some of these programs include; food stamps, Medicaid, supplemental security income programs, veterans’ pensions, social security, a pension, and a tribal start. 

What’s It Going To Take To Be Eligible? 

The list below explains that to be eligible to receive a free cell phone from the government. However, the process is not as simple as it claims to be; you need to have is a phone and get to it immediately. I mean, that’s life, you ask for documents to confirm your rights to use on your mobile phone. To apply for it, you must do one of the following: 

Birth certificate. To get a free government, a touch-screen phone, as a senior lifeline, you must sign a certificate as a way to show off your real age. 

A social security number, or national passport and one photo to prove that you are a legal citizen of the United States of America. 

To provide accurate information about your home address. This lifeline of researchers to find out where you live, the cost of the household, and the total income of all family members. This information can also be found to be of crucial importance for the phone call from the delivery date. 

Certificate of participation in the federal government’s programs. 

In a letter to a government agency that confirms that your qualifications are, and it’s received from the state to federal benefits. 

Banking details, or the stubs for you and your family, prove that your total income is below the poverty line. 

Income tax return for the previous year. 

Process Of Getting A Touch Screen Phone From The Government 

Step 1. Select Your Carrier For You To Choose From 

This is the first stage, on the purchase of the property on the state of the touch-screen phones. There are a variety of providers, in co-operation with the line to the feature of this phone. Please keep in mind that each supplier will usually have the rules and the application of processes that are different from the others. These organizations will work to find something else to say. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine the equipment to ensure that it is effective in your condition. 

Please Fill In The Form 

  1. When choosing a carrier, complete and submit the application form. All you have to do is; 
  2. Go to the official website of the delivery carrier. 
  3. Fill out the application form with the correct and well-considered details. 
  4. The documents include: an unemployment insurance document, have a bank account, or the payment document, and retirement benefits to the report, among other things. 
  5. Please submit your form and wait for the approval.
  6. Your Phone Number 

This will be the last but the most important step in the acquisition of a free-touch-touch screen phone. After the submission of the application, the carrier will assess the application and proof of eligibility, and subsequently, with the approval of the application. With the phone number’s approval, the address indicated in the application form will be collected. 

The Top Companies That Are Offering Free Domestic-Touch-Screen-Enabled Mobile Phones. 



1. Wireless Qlink 

Composition is one of the top mobile service providers working with the government to allow low-income and disadvantaged, the disabled, and the financial emphasized the importance of older consumers to enjoy the advanced functions of the touch-screen phones, at a discount or a value of zero. This is a large company that can offer touch-screen mobile devices, but it also offers a free plan to use with the phone. 

In addition, the operator also offers a deposit to schedule the additional information at a very low cost and reduced annual membership fee. In addition, regular mobile phone users with the opportunity to upgrade their phones to modern, cutting-edge touch-screen phone at very low and affordable prices. 

Q provides free 1000 minutes of calls, unlimited sms messages, and 1 GB of monthly data and for free. However, the plans vary from state to state. It offers services in Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, Indiana, Arizona, and many others. 

2. Safelink Wireless Connectivity 

Safelink is a great, free, mobile telephone service provider, a screen, that is, it is, together with the lifeline for a long period to provide for the free, touch-screen phones that are suitable for the end-users. It is considered one of the best, the biggest and oldest mobile communication business, and wanted millions of people through its territory covers an area of more than 50 countries and territories. 

First, Safelink provides a free, powerful phone that consumers will have the privilege to enjoy the cutting-edge features while also keeping you in touch with new businesses and opportunities around the world. 

It also offers you a free SIM card, free sms, minutes, and monthly data plans, which will vary depending on the residential property’s condition. Its services include, for example, states such as Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada, Mo, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, Indiana, New Jersey, Louisiana, and many others. 

3. The provision of communications

If you live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, New Mexico, Idaho, Mississippi, Colombia, or Massachusetts? Assurance Wireless free government, the company has a touch screen that can be taken into consideration. Powered by the mobile service provider, Sprint, and the service provider that offers free touch-screen mobile devices and some great offers on free call, free internet, free sms-messages. 

Don’t forget that these are the people, deals on the condition that you will have a total of owning a house with an income at or below 135% of the federal assistance. 

4. Remote access 

Access Wireless is a great company, which, in conjunction with the timeline, provides free, touch-screen mobile devices to all eligible residents of 10 or more states. This is a large company that offers some touch-screen phones that usually come with a 3.5-inch display. 

In addition, it offers a free plan for those on a low income, who will be provided with a beam of 540 MB / s, and 250 minutes of calling and unlimited sms text messaging in states such as New York, New York, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Utah, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Michigan. 

Residents of California, I have created a special free plan that have unlimited texting, and unlimited local and the 2 GB of data, that is, more than four times higher than in the other provisions of 

5. Wireless Life 

This vintage airline offers free government touch screen phones, which are equipped with a range of features. In the first instance, the company offers to its customers free of charge plant and services. With improvements in technology, the company has expanded its services to include complimentary touch-screen phones and encompasses the states such as Illinois, Ga, Mn, Md, Mo, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, and Arkansas. 

Together with the free of charge phone, but it also offers unlimited text messages, up to 1,000 minutes of calls and 1 GB of monthly data and for free. 

6. TruConnect 

Also, as one of the top cell phone companies that offer free touch screen mobile phones in other states, such as California, Texas, Nevada, Missouri, Kansas, and Kentucky. It states that the 1000 minutes of talk time, 2-GB, unlimited sms text messaging and unlimited international calling to Canada and Mexico. 

If the wireless access TruConnect provides California residents with specific services, which provides free, mobile, touch-screens, have an unlimited number of text messages and conversations min., 2 GB of monthly data and unlimited international calling to Canada and Mexico. 

7. Wireless 

Assist Wireless is a great company that offers a free government touch screen, complete with free of charge the transactions of the 1000 minutes of calls, 500 sms and 50 MB of data per month. The services may be used by the inhabitants of Maryland, Utah, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. 

This great company will also upgrade the programs that allow consumers to upgrade their old phones to the more advanced and touch-screen phone for a small fee. In addition, low-cost advertisements to deposit schedule will make it possible to use both the pre-and post-pay options. 

8. Network 

Reach out Wireless is one of the best mobile communication service providers, with free government touch screen phones, free minutes for calling, text messaging, and monthly data to exchange information. 

This is a large company; the users will also have the opportunity to upgrade from older phones to be more powerful for a small fee. 

9. Mobile TAG

TAG mobile, which you can use in a free government, be it a smartphone, along with free of charge phone calls, text messages, and data with no fees if you are a low-income resident of Texas or Louisiana. The phone call from the services with caller id, connect, options, block), and voice mail. It also offers ad-supported add-on’s plans to allow users to have plenty of data, sms and call minutes for the cheapest option available for a fee. 

10. True wireless connectivity 

True Wireless offers free government touch screen phones and more to United States mobile phones. Phone services may vary from state to state, for example, in Arkansas, Rhode Island, Maryland, usa, where the wireless features for free, touch screen mobile phone with 1000 minutes of calls, 2 GB, 1000 text messages. 


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