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Fire Stick remote not working

This can happen to any of us who have a Fire Stick device and remote control. If so, maybe I have some powerful solutions for you. Read this blog on Fire Stick remotely does not work problem.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote does not work.

Reduce the distance between the Fire Stick remote and the Fire Stick. The minimum distance between you and the device should be at least 10 feet. You can increase or decrease the distance between you and the device by two feet, depending on the environment in which you live.

If you have a large room or hall, I recommend that you find a place where you can easily sit.

Understand the Remote

One thing you need to understand about the FireStick remote is that this device connects via Bluetooth. It does not require infrared waves that means you do not need to be seen by the device. You can stay in almost any way you can.

Why is my Fire TV Stick not working?

However, it is not recommended to keep the phone in a place that can block signals. It should be open to give you easy acceptance.

Make sure you do not store too many electrical devices near FireStick. A large number of electronic devices will severely disrupt the FireStick device connection.

As a result, electromagnetic waves create problems and disruptions within the signal and disrupt communication. See also what you did when your fire rod became frozen.

Here are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue:

Look at the remote Fire Stick batteries

The first thing you should do is check the batteries on your remote when your remote stops running. Remove the batteries from the back of the remote and replace them. Insert new batteries into the remote and try again. Due to the large distribution capacity, remote batteries use a lot of power.

This is the first and simplest strategy to test remote Firestick issues. If you do not yet have access to your Firestick, we may need to pair this gadget again.

Distance problems and obstacles with remote TVs

The Fire Stick and Fire TV remote controls use Bluetooth instead of infrared, so you don’t need a watch line between your remote and your device. You do not even need to identify the remote on your device, as the remote is not associated with Bluetooth signal strength.

Bluetooth devices such as the Fire Stick remote control have a thinking distance of 30 meters, but many things can reduce that distance. Barriers between remote and Fire Stick or Fire TV can significantly reduce the distance to the remote.

Assessing distances or obstacles is your problem:

Zoom in physically with your Fire Stick.

Remove any obstacles between your remote and your Fire Stick.

If the remote only works when you are holding your remote behind your TV or are very close to your TV, use the Fire Stick extension dongle to reset the device.

You may need long extensions to remove the Fire Stick from the back of the TV when the TV is put on a break or in the entertainment cabinet.

If you put your Fire TV device in the entertainment cabinet or similar case, remove it from the case and see if your remote is working.

Fire TV volume control does not work.

Depending on the age of your Fire Stick, you may have a remote control that you can use to control your volume. If not, that’s fine too. This guide describes all the options you can use to control how your Fire Stick works to change the volume. Read also, our blog on Firestick will not be connected to a Wi-Fi problem.

Volume controls the remote.

Starting with Fire Stick 4K and extending to all Fire TV devices, Amazon has installed Fire Remote with a volume rocker, silence button, and power button for your TV. If you purchased the Fire Stick a few years ago, you might already have this remote, or you may not have a TV to install it.

If you are trying to activate your remote and do not want to interact, make sure your TV supports HDMI-CEC and that your Fire Stick is connected to a port that is compatible with CEC.

The Fire TV remote does not work after the factory reset.

Use Alexa

Remember, if you do not have a Fire remote that supports volume control, Echo devices can use Echo devices to ask Alexa to increase the volume up or down. It won’t work on all TVs, but if your device supports CEC, you should be able to control your volume without a remote control.

Therefore, if your remote is not working or after a factory reset, you should try Alexa.

Use the same Wi-Fi network.

If you have the right software but do not have a connection yet, make sure your iPhone, Apple TV, and iTunes library are on the same Wi-Fi network. Devices must be on the same network to communicate.

  • On the iPhone, go to Settings> Wi-Fi to see where your network is and select a new one if necessary.
  • On a Mac, select the Wi-Fi icon in the top right corner and do the same.
  • On Apple TV, go to Settings> General> Network> Wi-Fi and select the appropriate network.
  • Why is my fire remote not working?
  • Clean the battery room

Contaminants or debris can accumulate in the battery room, causing the remote to malfunction. In this case, remove the batteries and clean the room thoroughly with a clean cloth. Then insert the batteries again.

Sounds like a small idea but can eliminate fire issues that don’t work.

How do I configure Remote Fire Remote?

Here are the steps to fix the problem; the first thing you need to do is determine if one of the volume buttons is working or the remote is not working. If the remote does not work, it may also be due to battery or damage.

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