How to Connect Epson Printer to WiFi?

How to connect Epson printer to wifi? If you are also searching for the same, then you can learn how to connect an Epson printer to wifi. Epson printer users face many technical issues related to the printer. In this article, simple methods are explained to resolve the Epson printer wifi connection problems in easy ways.


Epson printer wifi connection problems

Here is the list of the Epson printer wifi connection problems users face during operating the Epson printer. If the wifi is not connected with the printer then it may not receive commands properly and the user will not able to do the work.


Epson printer, not printing: Epson printer printing blank pages or Epson printer not printing black issue can occur in case if Wifi is not connected with the printer.


Epson printer not responding: Epson printer not responding issue may occur. In this case, users can check for the wifi connection problem.


Epson printer not receiving commands: If you are searching for why my Epson printer not printing commands then check for the wifi is connected properly with the Epson printer.

How to Fix Epson Printer Not Connecting To Wifi?


Here are the fixes users can try to resolve the Epson printer wifi connection problems. Before starting ahead here are the basic details which users need to have to follow the steps. They are:


  • Users need to have wifi name and password
  • Check the distance between printer and router ( In case, the distance is large then the printer won’t connect with wifi )


Steps to Resolve Epson Printer Wifi Issue


Method 1


  • Open Epson printer control printer.
  • Select Epson printer wifi setup and select ok.
  • Now, select the Epson printer wifi setup wizard and click ok.
  • The Epson printer will start searching for the wifi. Select the desired wifi connection and press ok.
  • Now, the Epson printer will ask the user for the wifi password.
  • Enter your password and select ok.
  • Kindly enter the correct password and your wifi will be connected to the Epson printer.


Method 2


Troubleshooter Epson Printer WiFi connection Problem


In case, if users are not able to connect Epson wifi with the printer then users need to troubleshoot the Epson printer. Users can select the troubleshoot option and follow the commands as guided on the screen. 


Check for the Drivers

Drivers are the most important component of the printer. Check if the latest version of the drivers is installed on the Epson printer. In case, the latest version of the drivers is not installed on the printer then users can visit the official website of Epson printer and select the version of the system for which users want to download the drivers.



Epson printer not connecting to wifi is a basic problem which users face. Users can follow the above-given steps. Many other technical issues can also occur with the Epson printer not connecting to wifi and the user is not able to resolve the issue then the user can opt for a technician with the issue.

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