Epson printer printing black pages

Epson printer printing blank pages

Why my Epson printer printing blank pages? If you are here searching for why Epson printer prints blank pages, we have discussed some tips and tricks to fix the issue. Epson is counted as one of the easy operate printers, but as we know, it is a technical machinery device due to which problems occur in the Epson printer. 

Here we have explained some of the technical errors due to which Epson printer printing blank pages. By following the correct measures, Epson printer printing black pages error can be resolved quickly.

Why is My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages? 

Here is the list of the reasons due to which the Epson printer is printing blank pages. 

Empty Ink Cartridge: Check if the ink cartridge is open or not. This is a widespread issue that mainly occurs due to no ink in the cartridge. If this is the case, refill the cartridge and then try to print the pages.

Wrong paper size: It is recommended to use the a4 size paper so that printer can use the form and print correctly. If the article is of small or large size, then there are the chances that it may get stuck in the cartridge, and the paper won’t print.

Clogged head nozzles: If the head nozzles are clogged, then the printer will print the blank pages, and there are chances that it may get stuck in the printer. Here are the steps to solve the clogged nozzles issue.

Choose the setup option and then select maintenance.

Select the printer nozzle check, and the printer will start to check the head nozzles. 

Print the page to check which nozzles are blocked.

If you see any gap in the printed paper, choose the ” clean the printhead option” and select continue.

Update Epson Printer Drivers: If the drivers are not updated, then the Epson printer printing blank pages issue can occur. For the Epson printer to function correctly, drivers must be up to date. There are two methods through which users can update their drivers. They are: 

Automated method: Go to the driver’s update page and update the drivers. Run the drive easy option and select scan now. Users need to click on the update now button, and the updated drivers will install in the Epson printer.

Manual method: In the manual process, users need to go to the Epson printer support page and select the version of the windows and MAC for which users want to update the drivers and download the drivers. After downloading the drivers, install them as per the instruction guide on the screen.


After following the above steps, users cannot resolve the Epson printer printing blank pages, then contact an Epson representative who will help users determine the issue in real-time.

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Epson printer printing black pages

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