How to Delete Cash App Account?

How to delete a cash app account? If you are a cash app user and want to delete a cash app account, then you can read this article on ” how to delete cash app account in simple steps. “

If you have decided to delete your cash app account and are not using the account for any reason, you need to know that you cannot use the cash app to make payments and pay bills.

If you are looking for ways to delete a cash app account, here are the few points users need to know. They are:

1: Users will not see the payment history after the deletion of the cash app account.

2: Users will not delete the cash app account if there are any pending deposits and payments. It is recommended to clear all the deposits and charges before the deletion of the cash app account.

3: Users are recommended to cancel their subscription and stop monthly billing, if any.

Delete Cashapp Account Through iPhone

Here are the steps through which users can delete their cash app account. 

1: Open the cash app on your iPhone.

2: Before proceeding with the cash app account deletion, make sure to transfer the funds left in the cash app account.

3: The user needs to tap on the account menu in the upper right corner of the app. 

4: Users need to click support at the end of the menu. 

5: A new menu will open. At the bottom of the menu, click on account settings.

6: Click on ” confirm the closing account. ” Now, users will be signed out of the cash app account. 

7: A mail will be sent to users for cash app account deletion. 

8: After receiving the cash app account deletion confirmation email, users can delete the cash app from the iPhone.

Delete Cash App Account Through Official Website

Here are the steps to delete the cash app account through the official website. 

1: Open cash app official website.

2: Log in to your cash app account. Enter your email id and phone number and tab on the sign-in. You will receive a verification code in your email. Enter the code and then tap on sign in and confirm your account.

3: Users need to scroll down to the page and click on deactivate the cash app account.

4: Now, users will be asked to submit an explanation to delete the cash app account. Choose a suitable answer and submit your response.

Note: After users have deleted their cash app account. A support team will get in touch with the user and confirm the deletion of the cash app account was successful or not.

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