How to Create Yahoo Account

Yahoo is one of the oldest email service providers with millions of users, increasing day by day. Every day many new users create yahoo account for their personal or business use. If you are looking to create a yahoo email account, kindly read the article to know the steps which need to follow to complete the process of creating a yahoo account fast.

How to Create Yahoo Email Account?

Here are the steps to follow for the yahoo account creating process. 

Note: Steps explained in the article to create a yahoo account should be processed step by step for the yahoo account creation process to be completed.

Open the Internet Browser

The first step is to open the internet browser and open the yahoo homepage:

Click on Mail Icon

In the second step, click on the mail icon on the top left corner of the yahoo homepage.

Create Yahoo Account

Now you will see the sign-in section used to sign into the yahoo account. As you don’t have a yahoo mail account, you will click on the “create an account ” option.

Fill Required Information

A new page will open where you have to fill in some information for yahoo account creation. Here is the list of the details that need to supply:

  • First and last name: You need to enter your first and last name.
  • Username: Every yahoo account holder has a unique username that acts as an identity for those users. Username later becomes your email address. After finalizing the username, click on create an account.
  • Password Creation: This step needs to follow carefully. Create a strong password for your account security.
  • Enter Phone Number: Enter your phone number for account verification.
  • Date Of Birth: In this step, you need to enter your date of birth. Users below 13 years of age are not allowed to create a yahoo account.
  • Gender: Select your gender in the circle box.
  • Optional Recovery Number: You can also add an optional recovery number and fill the relation with the number owner. After filling all the required fields, click create an account.

Now, you will receive a verification code on your phone number, enter the password in the given section, and press enter.

Now, users will see a congratulations message on their screen with the letter ” your account has been successfully created.”

Create Yahoo Account Email Faq

Users have many questions related to yahoo email account creation. Here are some general questions asked by the users. 

How to create a yahoo account with Facebook?

We have received many queries related to how to create a yahoo account with Facebook. You cannot create a yahoo account with Facebook. There is no process through which you can create a yahoo email account with Facebook.

How to Create a Yahoo account with Gmail?

In simple steps, create a yahoo account with Gmail. 

Open the Browser

Open the web browser. Go to the yahoo homepage.

Select Google for Sign in

Now, you need to select Google for the sign-in option at the right top. Click on “Allow” to allow yahoo to access your Google account.

Sign in Google Account

By entering your username/ email and password, sign in to your Google account.

Fill Required Information

You need to fill in the required information for creating a yahoo account. First & last name, date of birth, username, and password. After completing the steps, creating a yahoo account with Gmail has been completed. 

How to Create Yahoo Account Without Phone Number?

It is possible to create a yahoo account without a phone number. You need to have an alternate email address used in the place of the phone number. 

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