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Create A Mailing List In Yahoo Mail

Create A Mailing List In Yahoo Mail

Most of the time, we need to send the same email to multiple users. It is a tedious task to add each user’s email address to the recipient box. You can create a list of addresses to save time while sending the same email to multiple recipients. We are here to guide you in detail on how to create a mailing list in Yahoo Mail.

Steps For Creating a Mailing List In Yahoo Mail:

Here are procedures for listing addresses, with the help of which you can send one email to multiple users.

  • Go to the Yahoo Mail inbox.
  • Click on the contacts icon from the navigation bar.
  • Now select All Contacts.
  • The full list of contacts will be displayed in the window. You need to select the contacts you want to group.
  • Now select Assign Contacts.
  • A new list tab will appear under any existing Yahoo Mail mailing list
  • Now compose a mailing list according to your wishes. You can name it ‘Work’ or ‘Family’ or ‘Friends’.
  • Now tap the Insert button for your keyboard.
  • Select the Made button to close the process.

Steps to Add a Person to an Existing Mailing List:

It’s easy to add a new member to the group.

  • Open the email list you want to edit.
  • Now drag and drop a contact into the address list.
  • A new contact will be added to the existing list.

Steps to Remove Contact from Email List:

Deleting one or more contacts from the address list:

  • Open a specific address list.
  • Now select an email address
  • Now select Remove from the list

Steps to Delete Total Mailing List:

  • If you want to delete any unusable mailing lists, then follow the procedures:
  • Select the list of addresses in the inbox.
  • Now click on the action icon,
  • Now select the drop-down list option in the drop-down menu.
  • You need to confirm the action by clicking Confirm.

If you delete any specific lists, your contacts will not be deleted. It will always be safe on your Yahoo contact list.

Steps to Sending Mail to Yahoo List:

  • Open draft to write a new message.
  • Now in the address bar, enter the name of the list of addresses you want to include.
  • You can select a list name from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click Send after writing the message.

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