How to Create Aol Account

If you used the internet back in the 90s, you might have an AOL email account on time. It was a simple email service, at the time, that had millions of users.

And now, while there are many free and popular email providers out there, AOL continues to hold on.

Maybe it’s a wish; perhaps it’s a genuine love of the user’s visual interface; maybe it’s a little voice that says, “Received Mail!” Whatever the reason, people continue to use AOL.

So if you want to set up a new AOL account (or just need help to access what you already have), go ahead. Please do it. Ignore teenagers’ sleepwalking and confusing looks from coworkers. He does.

How to Create a Free Email Account

Step 1: Visit the AOL home page

If you would like to create a new AOL account, visit On the homepage, you will see the “sign up / join” option in the left sidebar menu.

Click that button, and you’ll get a new screen. Now, there are places to enter a username and password, but this will not help you unless you already have an account.

Step 2: Select “Create an account”

Look below these blank fields, and you’ll see a white “Create account” button – click that.

This will take you to a registration page, where you will enter basic information, such as your name, the AOL email address you would like to have, and a password of your choice:

Note that you must provide an official phone number, or you will receive an error message. This will start playing below.

Step 3: Enjoy your AOL email

Once you’ve submitted that information, you’re ready! You can now send emails nostalgically from your email address to @ to all your friends and family.

How to sign in to your AOL Account

If you skipped the first part of this article because you already have an AOL account and just forgot how to sign in, then read on. 🙂

Step 1: Visit the AOL page and click on “Login”

To sign in, you will visit the homepage – You will click the “Sign In / Join” button in the left-hand bar, which will bring you to this screen:

Step 2: Enter your AOL username and password

However, return to the sign-in screen:

When it says “Username, email, or mobile,” enter your username (this is the first part of your email – like techguru45 if your AOL email is, address – full AOL mail, or mobile number. You see, there is a reason why they asked you that when you signed up.

Note that you can sign in with Google or Yahoo – options, folks. Options.

After that, you will call next, and you will be asked to enter your password. If you remember it, just type / fill in your password manager. And you’re ready!

Forgot your AOL username or password?

If you can’t remember your username, click the “Forgot username?” button below the log-in fields.

Same with your password – click the “forgot password?” click on the password option and select one of the reset option (usually a phone number or other email):

You will be asked to enter a verification code that you send to your phone/email, and once you have done so, you will be able to click “Continue” and sign in.

That’s all! You’re ready to go back to that long-neglected AOL account and start cleaning up all that useless old email.

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