Convert TurboTax tax2PDF and PDF to Tax File

Convert TurboTax tax2PDF and PDF to Tax File

TurboTax is an easy and organized way to submit your state and country tax forms online. The software can store your tax returns in two ways: Portable Document Format (PDF) and as a tax data file, or .tax file. The main difference between the two frameworks is that the tax data file can be edited and read in TurboTax. On the other hand, the PDF format is simply a ‘summary’ of tax returns that you can’t edit, but you can view and print using the PDF viewer. 

Since PDF is one of the most common ways to share text on computers and mobiles, it is helpful to learn how to convert your tax returns from the PDF format to the tax data file format. Unfortunately, TurboTax software itself does not include a way to convert your TurboTax PDF into a tax data file. However, this article will give you an insight into how to use a third-party solution called ZamZar, to complete the conversion process.

Steps to convert TurboTax PDF to a tax data file:

Before you start using the conversion program, TurboTax recommends backing up your tax data file to avoid losing data. Once the TurboTax backup is complete, you can follow the steps given below to convert the required files:

  • Go to the Zamzar site and press ‘Browse’ to search for your TurboTax PDF file. Next, select the tax files you want to upload and press ‘OK.’
  •  Since TurboTax cannot open PDF files directly, you will have to select ‘TFF’ as the file format.
  •  Enter your email ID in the field provided so that Zamzar can send you a newly converted file. Once you have provided your email address, select ‘Convert’ and wait for the file format to be converted.
  •  Log in to your email account and look for a title line that reads “Converted File from Zamzar.” Email should include a download link. Click on the link to download the converted tax file.
  •  Open TurboTax on your computer and select the ‘Open File’ option. Next, enter the TXF file name in the search bar and click on the file you downloaded.

 Select the ‘Save Project As’ option and enter the appropriate name in the field provided to press ‘OK. Now, TurboTax software will save the project as a tax data file.


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